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Squeezebox keeps updating firmware. On enable/disable software/firmware updates for old squeezebox players

squeezebox keeps updating firmware


  1. Squeezebox Duet firmware update fixes connectivity issues
  2. Finding the SqueezeBox Radio Default SSH Passwort
  3. Understanding the Firmware Update
  4. DJI Phantom 4, How to Firmware Update / Upgrade

On enable/disable software/firmware updates for old squeezebox players. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Squeezebox Duet firmware update fixes connectivity issues

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am playing from SBS, firmware turning SBS off, then do the switchingI am asked to "press and hold brightness key", after that update runs as usual progress bar, reboot.

Side-effect when SBS is "down" Unfortunately, setting this to "off" has no effect. Updates will still occur on every switch. Variants 2 - remotes I have recognized that the update procedure on my squeezebox player behaves also slightly different with different remote controls squeezebox "normal on", the web keeps on mysqueezebox. Maybe more variants exist.

Thank updating for solutions.

This morning when I checked all of them appeared there. Still cant access the web interface though: Sqeezebox access not working here either. Even it should be accessible through the operating interface of the Squeezebox. Is it really so that the Twonky Media server is replaced with the Squeezebox. Or is it just addition to enable only music firmware for Logitech Squeezebox devices etc. I squeezebox same no. When i'm browsing "by firmware i always see the same file in any folder i open. I don't see reason keeps they had to complicate updating keeps this..

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Jump to Firmware update via SSH - Keep the Platform on this screen as reference for the next from section /Firmware Update with SD Card/ above. Sep 2, - Frederik Braun - Finding the SqueezeBox Radio Default SSH I can stream music to the radio from my local network using the logitech media server software. to keep and noticed an updates folder in /var/lib/squeezeboxserver. It turns out, that when the radio asks for updates, the local server is in charge.

Unfortunately, setting this to "off" has no effect. Updates will still occur on every switch. Variants 2 - remotes: I have recognized that the update procedure on my squeezebox player behaves also slightly different with different remote controls the "normal on", the web one on mysqueezebox.

Maybe more variants exist.

Finding the SqueezeBox Radio Default SSH Passwort

Thank you for solutions. Last edited by blubstar; at Older slimserver ,squeezecenter users and services can still be running etc. Don't do this if 7. I understand from reading your blog you feel we will have support for at least the 2 years in is in warranty. There may be support from geeks like you, I hope.

I love my squeezebox. The sound is great. I, too, hate that Logitech has dropped it. What a great daughter-in-law you are! The community forum at http: I will never buy another Logitech product if I can possibly help it. I kept my 5 SqueezeBox radios for bedside and bathrooms but may be ditching those as well. Logitech is just completely clueless. It was one the best decisions I ever made.

Sonos is far superior to SqueezeBox players in every way.

Squeezebox keeps updating firmware Register Your Product. To get the best customer care, product tips and more. The software update to transition UE Smart Radio back to a Squeezebox Radio experience is now officially supported! This new option allows Squeezebox fans to keep growing their ecosystem with UE Smart Radio devices running the Squeezebox platform.
Hi Sue, thanks for compiling informations form various sources into this one.. I have tried everything, including buying a repeater because the wi-fi signal is somewhat lower than elsewhere in the house, and uninstalling and re-installing the server, putting it on different computers, etc.

Typically it would run from one to three hours and then just disconnect. It's not like they provide much support as it is anyway. Drop support by all means, we mostly use third party developed plugins anyway. But please don't prevent those same third party plugins working now or in the future, and please keep your API available. I would definitely cancel my premium subscription if I can no longer use the Squeezebox ecosystem I have invested so heavily in; I will simply find another way to play the music I love over the same gear. And don't suggest I need to replace all the hardware in my house that works brilliantly with some device I've never heard of, that's very cheeky. I bought my Squeezebox specifically to listen to Spotify, and do not use it for anything else. To withdraw support for these, and presumably many similar devices, while sayinmg that they. That ended with the UE firmware install and the UE server. I also find that the iPhone app integrates well, better than the third party app I was using before.

It seems easier to get to stations than it did before. Would be using squeezeboxes for years regardless of what Logitech does with UE..

Understanding the Firmware Update

Squeezebox keeps updating firmware Kill the line within few years probably… Oh and no more Logitech gear for me… No loyalty for customers no loyalty for manufacturer!!

Martin, the long litany of complaints in the original article do not reference multiple units. While that may be a problem, most of the original article comes across as whining without trying. It works better for me than it did before.

That is a fact. Most of the problems in the original article are not problems. Hi realspear, apologies for tone of my reply.. I just wish Logitech did consider other users like myself who own other products from squeezebox family.

It looks like they had just ignored us completely. I agree with Realspear. The logitech media server has never been reliable for me even running on a standalone windows server. Also, the constant firmware upgrades to the sb radios was testament to how buggy it was.

Wireless disconnects are par for the course. My sb Touch will stay in use via usb and feed my whole house speaker system. I just converted my 3 sb radios to ue and there is a sync option. I have a similar experience. The UE SmartRadio is way better in that set-up. Much simpler, much more stable. So I have updated all my Radios … what I really complain is that they have not released the same upgrade for the Touch of which I have 3. The rest of the old players I could live without an upgrade, but the Radio and Touch sort of went hand in hand.

Should be possible to do. I have an extensive CD collection but also subscribe to some online services. Also, when Logitech shuts down MySqueezebox. The touch units will not be ported over to the new UE architecture. Smart Radio works fine! No hassle with network logins etc. For now, I stick to my trust it does keep working, and in the great way Spotify is developping itself.

After years of enjoying it does not only leave me without any music that's calculated but also with nothing but a bunch of useless hardware.

Please support of Spotify, if you are reading along, don't persue. It will be devastating for me, and probably a huge group of enthusiastic music lovers world-wide. In case you are not fully aware, the squeezebox community is more alive and kicking then ever. You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you've already registered, sign in.

Otherwise, register and sign in. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. I received an email announcing removal of support for the Squeezebox media player.

Please do not remove support for the Squeezebox. It is working perfectly fine. Also, I find it a bit disingenuous to try to sell the Gramofon in the same email. I have a perfectly fine device already! Also, what happens to support for the Gramafon? Maybe Spotify will want to stop supporting that next year, and I have to buy another device?

That's not a nice way to treat your paying customers! Spotify has been providing libspotify, which is a piece of software which is used to connect to Spotify music.

The squeezebox plugin we know uses libspotify.

DJI Phantom 4, How to Firmware Update / Upgrade

Squeezebox keeps updating firmware Thanks to Squeezebox developer and former Logitech employee Ben Klass for the title of this post and for sharing his insight so candidly. It would be more accurate to call it a dumbed-down Squeezebox. Not even a month after I wrote about my journey to musical bliss and my beloved Squeezebox system , I received news that the idiots in charge at Logitech have pulled the plug on the Squeezebox, discontinuing the entire product line. Being the optimist I am, I was hopeful that this would be something to breathe new life into the Squeezebox product line. Personally, I trust these sources more than anything I have seen from official Logitech representatives—in fact, much of the information I have seen from Logitech representatives has been conflicting or just plain wrong. It still offers almost the same feature set as the SB Radio, the same music service, the same sound, while hopefully offering an improved UX [user experience]. Touch firmware for x,