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How to measure watch pin size. Re: How to measure for watch band pins

how to measure watch pin size


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Bulova Watches - Sizing a Bulova Watch Bracelet or Strap, Here watch a size that I have been unable to find an answer for online. How do you choose the correct size of spring bar for a watch? I have a box of various size spring bars and I have made the mistake of choosing one for a 20mm watch lug that had a barrel that just fit in.

You can manage to get this how but it just about impossible to get back out and I had to resort to a pair of cutters to get it back out again. So if you have a particular lug width, how much of that should be the barrel of the spring bar and how much should be left for the springy part?

If I need 20mm I'll get ones that are a few millimeters longer than that Did a small test recently on a watch that had its original springbars.

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They were 3mm longer than the lug width I believe You could have a spring bar that when extended is 10mm longer than the lug width.

Measure just depends pin the springs being used.

When buying a watch with a metal bracelet or expansion strap you may find that the strap needs to be adjusted for the correct fit, pin may have to take a link out. This is often referred to as 'sizing a watch', 'sizing the bracelet' size just 'watch sizing'. As this 'sizing' can only be performed with the owner being present, we supply these styles measure watches unsized and so you may need to visit a local jeweler to request this service. We can do it for you if you tell us the size of your wrist in inches. If you want to make the watch strap adjustment yourself then please read the following watch bracelet adjustment instructions. The following watch bracelet instructions and diagrams will guide you in how to remove links from a watch band. These instructions cover most watch the wristwatch bands in use today including the friction clasp bracelet, expansion bracelet, fold over clasp, bayonette-type bracelet and 'Capsa' style pin and tube. Be careful not to scratch or damage the watch.

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Jun 13, - Turn the spring bar over on its side so that you can measure the diameter of the pin. Open the jaws of your gauge wider than the pin again, and position the spring bar in between the jaws so that you are measuring the middle thickness of the spring bar. Close the jaws until they grip the friction spring bar snugly. Apr 20, - Determining your strap size in 3 Easy Steps: #1 - Use a standard ruler that offers a Centimeter side. Always measure in Centimeters as Inches.

You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Watch bands are measured between the lugs the parts that stick out of the case and at the buckle.

Simply use a ruler with millimeter markings to determine the inside distance. Most watch bands are even numbers typically 18, 20, 22 mm though some luxury makers prefer odd numbers 19 mm isn't unusual.

10 answers to this question

And the buckle is usually 2 mm narrower than the lug but it's worth measuring anyway. Some people replace the buckle with the band but you should keep the old buckle since it's considered to be part of the watch. Note that band thickness can also vary but this is more about preference and looks than fit.

Finally, be aware that some watches use nonstandard bands that aren't easily measured. For those, it's best to stick with the OEM.

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For instance, one watch measures 20mm edge to edge. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

How to measure watch pin size How to Remove Watch Band Links. When you find the perfect watch, it's important that it fits you perfectly. Sometimes, it will be necessary to remove links from the watch band in order to get an exact fit. Read the following article to learn how to remove watch band links in order to tailor any watch to the. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.
Ask New Question Sign In. So do I buy 20mm pins or do I add some rule of thumb amount to adjust for the depth of the pin seats?

November 3rd, 2. How to measure for watch band pins. Originally Posted by ticbiz. I have 3 vintage watches without watch bands. November 3rd, 3. How to measure for watch band pins If by pin you mean spring bar, then measure the inside of the lugs and order that dimension. So for a 20 mm lug width, you will want 20 mm spring bars. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

How to Measure a Leather Watch Band

WATCH STRAP SPECIALIST - Spring Bars, T-Bars and Pins for Watch Straps - gum.datingnpop.gdn The size you need is the same as the lug width of your watch strap (or buckle width if the spring bar is to be used for a buckle). Please note that before fitting the. Watch bands are measured between the lugs (the parts that stick out of the case) and at the buckle. Simply use a ruler with millimeter markings to determine the. How to measure watch pin size