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26 Fun (And Easy) Ideas For Your Girls’ Night In Thought Catalog. Include some girls night party games at your next ladies only outing and create some fun and hilarious memories that your girlfriends will cherish for years to come.

Girls Night Party Games

Games that are simple and can be played anywhere you go are ideal.

Give one or two a try, and you're sure to be hooked! Purchase an inexpensive bell and ring it to get everyone's attention. Next, ask a list of questions, and the first person to answer each gets a point. Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.

You can also give every woman her own bell so she can "ring" in her answer, rather than shouting it out. Print out the list of questions provided using Adobe and add your own! If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Can't think of anything to do. Don't worry about it. We've done the thinking for you. We've got lots of ideas for a night at home with the girls. There's sure to be one to suit whatever mood you're in. For instance, if you're a serious Girls Night In host, you absolutely must check out this new game I came across. It is the best fun ever and it was made especially for women by 2 sisters looking for the ultimate girls night game. What's a Dame to Do?!.

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After you send your free online invitations, start planning fun party games for your celebration. Whether you're planning a girls night out, a girls night in, or a. For instance, if you're a serious Girls Night In host, you absolutely must check out this new game I came across. It is the best fun ever and it was made especially.

Choose celebrities who are well known for their mannerisms and style, or who are fairly simple and fun to emulate. Fold the sticky notes in half, place the names in a bowl and have everyone draw one, being careful that the notes don't all get stuck together. For the first way to play, make sure that you and your friends do not look at the name you've drawn.

Open the notes without looking, and have everyone stick the Post-Its to their foreheads. This way others can read the names, but no one can see her own. Take turns asking questions about who your celebrity might be, using only questions that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no.

For another take on this game, you can use plain paper instead of sticky notes for the names.

Girls Night In Activities

Have each person draw a celebrity and look at the name. Then, throughout the evening, try to act like your chosen celebrity from time to time. Throw out a movie quote that the star might have said, recite lyrics from a musical celebrity, or try to mimic the star's signature style or quirks.

When someone correctly guesses who you are, hand over your note with the celebrity name on it. At the end of the evening the person with the most notes wins the game. Like "I Never," this game can get rowdy fairly quickly. Play only one round unless everyone is planning to spend the night, or opt for a non-alcoholic version, which can be just as much fun. To set up the game, put out a variety of liquids, from alcohol to juice and more. Set these out in an area where people can mix a concoction without anyone else seeing her, such as a corner of the kitchen.

Choose a few common items mixed with some more unusual ones, such as:.

Girls night out games and activities Girls' Night Out Scavenger Hunts. A scavenger hunt can be the best idea for getting out and about with the girls. Plan an Around Town Scavenger Hunt or for the more daring among you a Girls Road Trip Scavenger Hunt, a Girls' Night Out Scavenger Hunt, or a Pub Crawl Scavenger Hunt. Fun activities and unique ideas for a girls night in. Indulge in chocolate, test beauty products, create and revisit memories, or just kick up your feet and enjoy some laughter and conversation.
You'll also want to have lots of small cups or plastic wine glasses and some small spoons or stir sticks handy. To play the game, the first person goes to the "bar" and creates a cocktail made up of two or three different ingredients.

She then brings the cocktail in and everyone gets to take a sip. The first person to correctly guess the ingredients gets a point. If nobody guesses correctly, the cocktail creator gets the point for that round. Looking for a fun alternative to your typical girls night? Whether you're planning a girls night out, a girls night in, or a sleepover party, there are several girls night games that can help spice up your evening! Other popular games for a girls night include board games and card games, like bunco. Regardless of the games you choose to play during your girls night, remember that it's all about having fun! Games for Girls Night Home Categories: Continue playing until everyone has had a chance to create a cocktail. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins.

26 Fun (And Easy) Ideas For Your Girls’ Night In

Girls night out games and activities You could give a nice prize for this game, such as a cocktail shaker, or go with something funny, like a bottle of Aspirin. Harken back to the days when you would sit with your besties at the craft table in school, spreading glitter over handmade greeting cards and gluing foam shapes to collages.

Set up your table with the supplies you'll need to make some youthful, simple craft projects. The ideas below use simple materials and are quick to make, but feel free to substitute your own favorites.

Gather your candy wrappers and make matching bracelets that will instantly tag you as best friends! Games for Girls Night Home Categories: Here are some girls night party games that will help you get to know your friends even better! This game can be planned in the comfort of your home or out at a restaurant or bar. For this game, everyone starts with three fingers raised. The last person with a finger raised is the winner!

To play, have everyone write down the names of famous people and put the names into a hat. Have each person draw a name from the hat without looking at it. Then, have everyone tape the small piece of paper to their forehead so that other people can read the name but each person cannot see who they are. Raid each others closets, do each others hair, and spend the night tweezing eyebrows, trying funky eyeliner colors, and feeling pretty.

Play truth or dare. Okay, when was the last time you played truth or dare? Share your favorite, most embarrassing, and funniest memories. Host your own dance party. Do a clothing swap. Sometimes a new wardrobe can change your entire self-image.

Binge watch scary movies. Check this list of some good ones on Netflix. Have a book club night. Spend a night prepping for the week by cooking and preparing lunches or freezer meals for the future.

Who needs the crazy bar scene and the drunken half-shouting into the crappy microphone when you can do all of that at home with more fun and less stress? Maybe not the let loose, chill out type of girls night in, but a valuable one nonetheless.

The week can be too busy sometimes, take this time with your friends to catch up on all that you might have missed. Watch and attempt something from a YouTube tutorial.

Sometimes you just need a new FB picture, okay? Get all glammed up and stage the perfect shot of you, of you both, of you and your pupper, of a cute craft or recipe you just made. Because not only is this fun, but it gets your body moving esp.

Record a hilarious YouTube video for absolutely no reason. Dancing, singing, parading around the kitchen like a weirdo — whatever floats your boat.

Teen Titans Go!

Girls Night Party Games | LoveToKnow Girls Night Out Edition - The Ultimate Laugh Out Loud Board Game .. Bachelorette Party Games: 75+ Fun Filled Bachelorette Party Game Ideas by Kristina. Girls night out games and activities