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Breast cancer awareness month ideas. Are you inspired to save a life?(TM)

breast cancer awareness month ideas


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  2. 8 Actually Meaningful Things You Can Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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  4. Breast Cancer Awareness: 3 Pink Ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotional Ideas Products Health Promotions Now, Breast cancer awareness month month about raising money as well as awareness for this disease. Learn how to get your whole company involved with the top 50 breast cancer awareness month ideas this October. Start Breast Cancer Awareness Month off the right way and give out these amazing pink wiper blades as a prize to the employee that raises the most money on October 1st! If your company is low on parking spots, this is one breast the best breast cancer awareness month ideas for your business.

The total money raised will go to fighting breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink

Good old carwashes are a great way of fundraising. Get the company involved by having everyone participate. From working the hose to scrubbing the tires, awareness can make an effort.

The person who raises the cancer money wins the talent show.

One out of eight women in the United States will have invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. And each year, about 40, women die from it. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely spring day. Or, take this quiz from the American Cancer Society. Learn about your personal risk. Talk with your doctor, too. Learn about participating in clinical trials, and sign up for alerts from organizations such as BreastCancerTrials. Early detection is key to becoming a breast cancer survivor. This month, schedule your mammogram!.

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To find some fun ideas, choose the option below that describes how you might want to GO co-workers coming together to go pink and fight breast cancer. October is designated to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some Breast Cancer Awareness ideas you can use to become involved in raising.

Host a Golf outing at your local golf course for the company. All the money earned to participate goes to fighting breast cancer. Get your poker face on. Have everyone in the company buy-in. All the money generated goes to breast cancer research. This is one of the best breast cancer awareness month ideas for companies who love card games.

8 Actually Meaningful Things You Can Do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fitness is a big trend nowadays. For employees who enjoy fitness and have a Fitbit tracker, donate to participate in a workweek step contest against other employees.

Have the company hold a tournament and break into teams. All money generated goes to finding a cure for breast cancer.

Ask your local bowling alley to donate some lanes for a fundraising party. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It raises awareness of all those living with breast cancer and those that have lost their fight. That said, awareness is great, but if you really want to show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND make a difference, there are are a number of things you can do. A great way to make a difference this month is to host a fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people do fundraisers at work. Invite the whole office, neighbors, family or a group of old friends.

Breast cancer awareness month ideas October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (as if you didn’t know!) and along with sporting the signature color “pink” people are also working to raise awareness of this disease in many creative and, sometimes even elaborate, ways. Breast Cancer Awareness Month Early Detection is Key! Protandim® is 1 million times more powerful than any antioxidant and is the best anti-aging agent. October has been defined at Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to that end would like to help you with ways you can self .
Ask for a suggested donation at the door. Host a game night; Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are just a few of our favorites. Ask for a suggested donation at the door to participate.

Go out and support two causes at once. Bring all the items you find and take them to a recycling center. Then you can take all of the money that you made from the recycled bottles and donate towards fighting breast cancer. Make sure you create some really awesome drinks because all of the tips you make that night go to fighting breast cancer.

Find a local yoga instructor to volunteer their time to teach your company a yoga class. Have a suggested class price and donate the total earnings to breast cancer research. Find an awesome bingo set and sell the boards to employees for a price. The more boards they have…the better chance they have to win bingo! Most offices supply coffee and a Keurig to employees nowadays.

For the month of October, for each cup of coffee that an employee makes have them put a donation in a donation jar.

2. Donate to research initiatives

Breast cancer awareness month ideas Select a few employees to participate in an eating contest.

Then participants can wash it down with a pink lemonade. Instead of spending the money on coffee, donate the money you would spend for the month at Starbucks to the fight against breast cancer.

Education when it comes to breast cancer is important. Early detection of this disease is key. Educating people about this disease is just as important as raising money.

To participate, a donation must be made. Create an office-wide trivia night. To join in on the fun, have a suggested donation at the door. For all the gaming nerds out there, pick a game whether it be the new Madden or Call of Duty. Have an office-wide gaming tournament. We re looking for a speaker to come to our office in October and speak educate our colleagues about Breast Cancer, and that it not only effects women, but men too. SleevesUpForBreastCancer is a new initiative that allows anyone, anywhere to show support for breast cancer by starting a virtual blood drive campaign and sharing it with their friends, family members, co-workers and networks.

The focus is on donations of blood platelets. Low platelet count is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Cancer patients may have to wait until platelet levels go up in order to continue with chemotherapy or to have surgery. Or challenge your networks to do so? You might want to reach out to the Male Breast Cancer Coalition!

Great resources, awesome educational content, great people. Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas: This post was last updated: September 22, Breast cancer awareness month is about raising money as well as awareness for this disease. Pink Parking Spot If your company is low on parking spots, this is one of the best breast cancer awareness month ideas for your business.

Photo courtesy of weheartit. Photo courtesy of excelforlife. Image courtesy of photos. Photo courtesy of doughboyspizza. Photo courtesy of ellyndavidson. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Photo courtesy of polyvore. Photo courtesy of jacksonville. Photo courtesy of freeimages. Photo courtesy of pinterest. Photo courtesy of inhabitat. Palliative and hospice care can play a major role in advanced breast cancer treatment.

Learn more about these types of care and how helpful they can…. Muscle strain, skin conditions, swollen lymph nodes - these and many other conditions can cause armpit pain. Some are temporary and manageable through….

What does breast cancer look like? We'll show you breast cancer pictures to help you identify any physical traits of the condition. There's no cure for stage 4 breast cancer, but combining advanced treatments with healthy lifestyle habits can help you live longer. When the woman you love is diagnosed with breast cancer, you go from partner to protector, pill counter, advocate, organizer - and more. Having dense breast tissue is common among many women.

You may not know you have dense breast tissue until an X-ray reveals it. I would consent to just about any procedure to survive. But when my life is not at stake - when I have the chance to be something other than a patient….

Rebecca Hall was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer when she was 25 and stage 4 breast cancer when she was And that was just the beginning. When Helen Chen was 27, she was living in Beijing, China. She was engaged and pursuing a career she loved. She had a happy, fulfilling life - and…. Share on Pinterest Most people have good intentions when Pink October rolls around. Written by Ann Silberman. That is a good idea to donate to a charity!

You are right that I should do some research first. I would want my money to help them out! Thank you for all the great information and tips! At Greensboro Imaging, we also offer some good insight into breast cancer risk factors and prevention measures. You can read all of the information here: Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. A few ideas include: Have a good old fashion bake sale. Have it at work, place of worship or any place where you have a large group of people.

Ask others to make baked goods and sell them! This works well if you work in a retail setting with customers coming in and out.

Breast Cancer Awareness: 3 Pink Ideas

Breast cancer awareness month ideas Each office hosted their own fundraisers, including slinging smoothies in Maryland, bake sales in Boston, and dolling up in pink in Denver. The power of team efforts really makes an impact. The CDR Fundraising Group lived up to its name with a Passionately Pink event at their workplace, featuring employees dressing in pink, decorations covering the walls, and special cake to celebrate their pink day! Set out a donation jar in the break room to collect donations, and to turn your pancakes pink just add a little food coloring or strawberries to your pancake mix to have delicious pink pancakes. Change things up at your office and talk to your HR department about having a casual pink Friday or any day. These spirited pink workers from Champion Self Storage went all out in honor of their fellow breast cancer survivor coworkers! Encourage your coworkers to come into the office early for a Passionately Pink Pancake breakfast! Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ideas: 's Best 50 Ideas