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Boots - videos - iWank TV, She looks similar to my girlfriend and looks great for 48…could easily pass as story years younger. I got into the boots seat, my girlfriend got into the back, she was quite drunk… and fell gloves as soon as she got leather the car.

I chatted with her sex stuff about evening and work, it was dark in the car, on gloves cold November night. She said she needed some fuel, so we pulled into the petrol station.

It then hit me as the interior light came on in the car when she turned off the engine.

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The light came on and I saw a wonderful sight. Her mother was wearing full black leather - trousers, heel boots, jacket and tight fitting gloves. Her mother was attractive though I never sex her much in past, rarely seen her actually.

She got out of the car, I stared at her ass which was tightly covered in the leather, leather pants bulged straightaway, she lent story in to ask if I wanted anything, I nervously said no. I watched through the mirror as she filled up the car, then as she walked to pay, I put the window down, so I could hear her heels clank on the boots floor, I noticed other guys looking at her.

Submitted by a Leather Guest. My wife and I have always had a good and varied sex life. Sometimes I am gloves master ready to spank my latex maid as she pokes her arse to me when she is dusting my boot collection. Sometimes she is ready to punish her slave when she is dressed in crotchless riding breeches and Fernando Berlin ultra thigh high leather leather boots and I am fully encased in latex catsuit and riding boots. Lots of leather including many pairs of bootsboots, chaps, skirts, corsets, gloves, hoods, shirts, the list goes on. We make sex date twice a month to share our love of leather together and have even met in hotel bars on pretent blind story dressed in our favorite outfits. Our twice monthly leather date was thrown in the air when my wife had been asked to travel to newcastle to attend a seminar with work in place of someone else.

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I got to the house, my girlfriend was there preparing food, her mother was not home from work yet, I kissed my girlfriend, and then put the TV on in the front room. I heard the front door, her mother came in to the room, she works in an office, she had a smart skirt suit on, with a knee length black leather pencil skirt, jacket, knee high, high heel boots there skirt hem and boot tops met just below the knee , and those lovely tight fitting black leather gloves which she seems to wear for driving.

She smiled on seeing me we chatted slightly I watched her gloved hands as she talked, she must be noticing this, so I tried to make more eye contact, there was movement again in my trousers, I crossed them to hide this…my girlfriend walked in. They chatted I found myself staring at her mother; my girlfriend might as well as not been there. Her mother still had the gloves on, she then took them off slowly as she talked, she looked at me in the eye when they were off, I think she was getting suspicious of me having a thing for leather and especially the gloves.

She then shocked me by asking me to put her gloves on the side table, whilst she still talked to her daughter. I held onto them, they were good quality, just over wrist length, with one button, black matt leather…nice. They went into the kitchen; I sniffed the gloves, then rubbed them on my crotch, then quickly put them on the side table.

She smelt so good, she had perfect fingernails, red nail polish, not like those of my girlfriend which were bitten down…I was quite nervy and getting aroused again.

She then quietly said to me. Her mother shouted back nothing dear, we just watching TV.

Love of leather Gloves

She gently squeezed my tip, and stroked the underside, she was experienced in touching it in the right way, again I thought this is nothing I get form my girlfriend…I was in heaven, I looked at her, she looked good, I really wanted her at that moment.

I was close to cuming, she then gripped me and started to slide the up and down. She moved in with both hands, gripping round my shaft. Having a beautiful women masturbate me in a leather glove is pure heaven.

My girlfriend then shouted out, if I wanted any wine, I nervously said no, and then told her I come in a minute. As her mother carried on I watched the leather glove go from being tight on her hand, to being creased as she moved up and down.

Story sex leather boots gloves Violated for a moving violation. A man and woman's first experience with anal pleasure. A young woman, sophomore in college, scores her second BJ Boots before breakfast. A classy and elegant lady in public, and and other exciting erotic at gum.datingnpop.gdn! Story Tags Portal; leather ‘leather’ stories. Active tags. Active tags. Related Tags () Kelly finds a pair of red leather boots to wear. by Dark elves run a school, and it's for sex. by.
I reached down to her thigh, and pulled up her leather skirt, I revealed her stocking tops, I then pulled on her suspenders as she masturbated me, and it was heaven.

I was about to go further up her skirt, but then I then shot my load high into the air; it went down onto the carpet and onto the video under the TV. She moved down with her other gloved hand to catch the rest, scooping it up and wiping the end of my penis. Waiting outside the hotel in the car park on a bitter, cold Friday night in November, out comes cute boy and into a taxi at 1 a.

Kev quickly noted the number of the taxi firm, and told me to wait for a few minutes to see who else might be coming off duty. Fifteen minutes went by, and nothing, not even a stray guest.

Saturday night was even colder, our breath hung in the air, our cigarette smoke clung around us. A couple of planes went overhead, loud and low. Kev did something with his mobile, and then announced: How the fuck do you know that? Got the little fucker. I've been on tour for months. Djing venue after venue. From one hotel to another. From country to country. With the lifestyle, Djing from place to place has its perks. This is a little story of one of my first encounters with a leather milf. At five past one, out comes cute boy.

He looks around, I drive up to him. Ardson cabs are busy, they have a two hour wait, subcontracted to me mate.

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Story sex leather boots gloves He gets in, I make a big deal of putting on my black leather Damascus gloves, Timmy starts to notice the gloves, the langlitz.

No cab driver would smoke without asking the passengers permission, but I do anyway. I pull away, he mutters something about an address in Pudsey. I take a wrong turn, heading down the Chevin into Otley. Meanwhile, Kev under the blanket, is pouring poppers onto a rag. Can you smell something mate? Kevin must have used a whole fuckin bottle on that rag, it was getting to me as well as the kid.

Well, could be a kidnapper with amyl nitrate under the blanket getting ready to drug you up!! Kevin sprang out from the blanket as I swerved off the road up a dirt track, he released the kids seat back, held his arms and forced the rag over the boys mouth and nose with his black leather gloved hands. Fuck this And he lands a well aimed punch right to the kids head, knocking him out cold.

Officer Kevin cuffed the kid, and gaffer taped his mouth after stuffing a stinking sock in it. He started to come around. He was well tied, and gagged. We went off to get into full leather gear. Sounds of struggling and pathetic cries through a sock stuffed mouth followed us out of the dungeon.

So, you gonna tell me how you got all that info? Information has a price my friend, so do favours, a couple of my colleagues want in. You fuckin scare me, remind me not to get on your bad side. You already did, remember how we met? He stopped me for speeding, cocky as hell and loving his bike leathers, and full of attitude.

I gave him some lip, he grabbed me by the throat and said:


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