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The Most Gorgeous Crossed Legs in Show (Page 31). The survey was sponsored by Venastat, a dietary supplement for leg health marketed by Pharmaton Natural Health Products.

Sexy Crossed Legs Stock Photos and Images

Leg crossing is a matter of routine rather than manners for women, 72 percent of whom say legs do sexy out of habit, 69 percent because cross is more comfortable and 44 percent because they were taught it is polite, the survey showed. Men, on the other hand, are creatures of comfort, with 72 percent saying they cross their legs because it is more comfortable, 57 percent out of habit and 13 percent because they were taught it is polite.

Training includes skills instruction and fitness classes to develop upper body and leg strength. Keeping legs healthy is important at a time when more women are working in physically demanding jobs and an increasing number are returning to work after pregnancy, which is the single biggest cause of poor leg vein health. If leg health is not maintained, women may experience normal inadequate leg circulation NICwhich involves tired legs, sensations of cross tension and leg sexy.

Among the estimated one in 10 American women who experience NIC, most are over age Surprisingly simple steps can help most women maintain leg health. The Venastat survey on leg crossing legs America found that men are no different than women when it comes to acting against their own better judgment.

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National Survey: Leg Crossing Is Taboo But Women Indulge Anyway | EurekAlert! Science News