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  1. 'House of Cards' Season 4: Recap of Seasons 1-3 to Get You Up to Speed Before Binging
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House of Cards Netflix Official Site. Frank Underwood is coming in just over a week. Somehow missed all those F.

'House of Cards' Season 4: Recap of Seasons 1-3 to Get You Up to Speed Before Binging

For those whose memories are foggy and the uninitiated viewers who want to dive in for season four of Cards House of Cardshere's a season-by-season recap of everything that's happened on the political drama so far. The opening scene of episode one neatly illustrates what's ahead Underwood is cunning, ruthless and resentful at having been snubbed by newly elected president, Garrett Walker, for the secretary of state nomination.

Underwood vows to take down Walker. He assembles a season of allies Doug Stamper, his ever-faithful recap hand man; Rep. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, because Underwood can and does house Barnes' reporting to ouster his political opponents.

Among the answers we did get over the course of this hour: That would be District Attorney Denver, which means we can probably congratulate whomever was running against him in that attorney general election. During his digging, Nate discovers a case that Denver had left marked as an open but restricted investigation, even though Nate thought the case had been closed. Weird how that keeps happening on this show. She does, but not without some more Castillo family drama. In a rare turn of events, Jorge actually does the right thing and signs the paper, allowing Laurel to get her baby back.

She's the first female president, and her enemies have multiplied. But Claire Underwood won't be undermined -- and she will not back down. House of Cards: Season 6: Date Announce House of Cards: Season 1 (Trailer) Ruthless Congressman Francis Underwood will stop at nothing to ascend the ranks of.
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Everything you need to know in preparation for the 'House of Cards' season four premiere. House of Cards: Season 1 (Recap). After a stunning betrayal, . Chapter 4. 49m. Frank shakes down the Congressional leadership. Peter Russo must choose.

Early on, a Kentucky senator planted by Frank places a single vote for Claire for vice president. Frank suspends the DNC to deal with a terror threat and to formulate a plan. Meanwhile, Claire heads back to the ranch to be with her dying mother. Frank snaps and admits to murdering Peter and Zoe. Terrified, Durant takes the hint and drops out of the race, handing the election ticket to the Underwoods.

After clinching the Democratic nomination Frank focuses on taking down his Republican rival Will Conway. In the final two episodes, Frank is forced to work with Conway after terrorists take a US family hostage and say that they will only speak with the Republican.

House of Cards

Conway believes that the family will die anyway, but jumps at the opportunity to milk some coverage.

Hannah and the First Lady bond initially, but their tentative friendship is broken when Hannah asks if Claire regrets not having had children. ICO release two of the hostages, leaving Conway furious that he will not be able to claim credit for their release. Frank then puts ICO through to their leader, who snaps and tells the terrorists to kill the remaining hostage. While dealing with the ICO situation, Frank learns that journalist Tom Hammershcmidt has produced a long list of allegations against him.

Frank admits to leaking stories to Zoe but denies all of the other allegations, but it is not enough to stop Hammerschmidt from going public.

Recap season 4 house of cards What did Frank know and when did he know it? I’m busting out this presidential cliché because so much of this season finale — and your enjoyment of it — likely hinges on your answers to. At the end of the House of Cards season-two finale, it finally happened. Frank Underwood, the most ruthlessly ambitious man in Washington, stood on the threshold of the Oval Office, which he was.
With just three weeks until the election, all seems lost for the Underwoods until Claire proposes a change in tact. The season ends with Claire breaking the fourth wall for the first time ever, as Frank rallies: LeAnn confronts Stamper about going after her, and tells him he won't find anything on her.

Stamper then confronts Seth, who defies him at first, but let the two talk and Seth insists it's time they all work together. In classic Underwood style, the husband-and-wife running mates are willing to do whatever it takes to win votes. A quick succession of scenes sees the Underwoods attending a funeral, Claire being bundled into a car amid a riot outside of the White House, and Thomas Conway glowering a polls showing a nation divided. Unbeknown to him, Lucas Goodwin, who was recently released from prison, is hiding in the crowd and on a mission to expose Frank as a murderer. Frank has three-quarters of his liver removed, and his life hangs delicately in the balance for several episodes while he awaits a transplant. When she turns around the woman is revealed to be Zoe Barnes, who begins seducing him in the Oval Office. Suddenly Peter Russo appears and begins kissing Zoe, while in real life Frank goes into a seizure. After experiencing pain on Air Force One, Frank is told he can only fly once per week during his recovery. They decide that Claire will continue on the campaign trail without him. She and Yates work on her speeches, and they resume their affair. Yates leaves the campaign, and Frank confronts him.


Recap season 4 house of cards Frank later tells Claire she should take Yates back on the campaign with her.

Frank wants to go after ICO even harder, and he instructs Durant and Stamper to coordinate the involvement of Russian troops, but their efforts are blocked by Conway.

Frank then decides to move forward with a ground operation using U. Stamper receives a voicemail from Laura, Tony Moretti's widow, to whom Stamper donated money; Tony Moretti had died after failing to receive the liver that went to Frank instead. Stamper returns the call and later meets with her at a restaurant. Frank, Claire, Conway, and Brockhart hold a debate while Aidan runs his algorithms on their talking points.

Stamper pressures a reluctant congressman Wallach to publicly state that they did. ICO has taken three hostages , the Miller family from Knoxville. They demand a withdrawal of U. Frank calls Conway in to help talk to the hostage takers, but the crisis remains unresolved. Hammerschmidt tells former President Walker that Frank conspired to have him impeached, and asks him to help expose Frank's crimes. Remy and Jackie meet and discuss Hammerschmidt's investigation, and Jackie says she wants to go on record about Frank.

Frank demands the hostage takers release Caroline and Melissa Miller. The girl and her mother are rescued by the FBI after the hostage takers disclose their location, though James remains a hostage. Ahmadi says he'll help negotiate James' release, but when he goes on the line with the hostage takers, he breaks the agreement. Hammerschmidt asks for an interview with Frank regarding his article. Frank calls the story "unsubstantiated tabloid gossip" being used as political ammunition.

Hammerschmidt publishes the article without an official comment from Frank, and Jackie and Remy go into hiding soon after its release. Without Aidan and Stamper in control, their use of the algorithm in the election is at risk of being exposed.

The fourth season has received positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic , the season has a score of 76 out of based on 17 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, " House of Cards retains its binge-worthiness by ratcheting up the drama, and deepening Robin Wright's role even further. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of House of Cards episodes. Retrieved July 9, Netflix Announces Premiere Date".

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Retrieved March 3, Retrieved March 5, Retrieved March 6, Full List of Nominees". Retrieved July 14, Frank Underwood Claire Underwood Other politicians. Retrieved from " https: Use mdy dates from August Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 8 November , at Sharp moves to impeach Walker, he resigns and Underwood becomes president.

After having fallen for the stripper he and Underwood enlisted to vanquish Russo, he gets in way over his head.

She leaves him for dead in the woods, fleeing for her life. The third season of House of Cards opens with President Frank Underwood peeing on his father's grave. He's president, Doug is alive — but not yet back in action. Underwood has relegated him to the rehabilitation realm. Claire vies for and eventually gets the position of U.

Underwood makes a special appointment, with the consequence that no one takes her seriously. And yet she goes toe-to-toe with Russian President Viktor Petrov, denouncing him on international television after an American prisoner commits suicide in a Russian prison.

Underwood, for his part, has made America Works his No. Because he faces the real prospect of becoming a one-term president but very much wants to be a two-term president, Underwood declares that he will not seek office in the next election and will instead make AmWorks his own personal fuck-it list.

He then attempts to settle his potential opponents — Heather Dunbar and Jackie Sharp — in cushy jobs so they won't run against him. Sharp agrees to launch a fake bid for presidency to pull the women's vote away from Dunbar; in exchange for making herself look a little ridiculous, she gets to be Underwood's vice president if he wins. Stamper, meanwhile, offers his loyalty to Dunbar.

He later revokes it in the 11th hour, and also tracks down and murders Rachel. The Underwood administration suffers some blows in season three: One of the SEALs died, Claire was wrong and tensions simmer between her and her husband — who, by the way, is busy campaigning for his second term as president.

Claire helps him until she gets fed up with winning the office for him and walks out.

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Recap season 4 house of cards The fourth season of the American web television drama series House of Cards was announced by Netflix via Twitter on April 2, Filming began on June 16, The season premiered on March 4, On April 2, , Netflix announced via its Twitter account that it had renewed House of Cards for a fourth season of undisclosed length, to be released in early In December , it was revealed during a Republican Party presidential debate through faux advertising that the season would premiere on March 4, On July 1, , Neve Campbell was announced as having been cast for season 4. House of Cards (season 4) - Wikipedia