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How to deal with a very moody husband. 2. Take Responsibility For Your Reactions To Your Partner’s Mood

how to deal with a very moody husband


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Managing Moods In Marriage

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Some women compare living with an angry husband to living by an active volcano. One always lives in a constant state of alertness—always waiting for something to blow up and splatter deal lava everywhere. Even a small outburst with deal throw one off-balance and ruin a how lovely day. The one big difference between a husband and a volcano is that you can more moody move away from one of them. However, on with other hand, a husband is also more manageable than a volcano. You can at least somewhat prepare yourself to deal with your husband to whom you've committed moody life and love. I'd like to share a very things about anger from a guy's perspective, based on my own past and actions. Because, well, husband one knows men better than men—after all, dogs know dogs best. The following advice very based on the assumption that your husband's anger is directed husband you, and not a politician or the electricity bill. However, for the how to be effective, it may require you to shift your own mental perspective and, often times, your ego..

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  • It's partly about his day-to-day moodiness,

If your partner is one of those people, life can really become wearisome and unpleasant. You may find yourself walking on eggshells and constantly wondering when the next explosion may occur. An emotionally volatile partner may have an underlying problem such as depression, anxiety or a personality disorder that needs professional help.

There are many options available when it comes to treating mood disorders and depression. If you believe your partner has an issue that cannot be handled alone, initiate a conversation about seeking help from a counselor, therapist, or doctor. For example, have you ever become angry at your partner because they were upset? It is human nature to feel that way, but you have to take responsibility for your reactions.

Indulging in your own emotional reaction may feel like the right thing to do, especially in the heat of the moment. Focus on controlling your own and remain calm. Your partner is lashing out at you, but the reason for the mood swing likely has nothing to do with you.

8 Dos And Don'ts Of Dealing With A Grumpy Spouse

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. My husband can be incredibly moody. He gets really angry really quickly and talks down to me, swears at me, points his finger at me and basically just shrugs off anything I am trying to tell him that I am feeling. Then he shuts off from the entire 'conversation' and gives me the silent treatment for however long it takes him to calm down. Often, moody people start to get preferential treatment from their partner.
How to deal with a very moody husband Feb 04,  · Here are some steps to follow when it comes to handling your husband. Try to always take a calm and relaxed approach to the conflicts. It is very easy for the situation to get out of hand if you both get angry with each gum.datingnpop.gdns: Dealing With The Unlovable Husband. “Why is my husband moody and sharp with me?” Often the answer is that you are simply catching the overflow of what happened to him at work, with his parents, or with some other problem. Your consistent, sweet, silent response to poor behavior may be the very thing God uses to change your husband.
If you get involved in the drama , you will be encouraging more temper tantrums or fits in the future. Chances are, your partner is looking for a dramatic, emotional reaction from you.

If you separate yourself from the drama your partner is attempting to create, there eventually will be less of an urgent desire to start the unpleasant behavior in the first place. You may notice certain triggers that bring them on or reactions that make them better or worse. He has learned this over time, so instead of offering solutions which just irritates me , he will just listen and let me know he understands why I feel the way I do.

He has developed a strategy ahead of time. You can do it too. Maybe your partner needs to be left alone for a while or distracted with a favorite television show when a mood strikes. As long as you are not giving into or rewarding the moodiness, by all means give them what they need. By doing this, you will always minimize the intensity and duration of the bad mood. There are hard times in every relationship.

However, if your partner is habitually moody and no amount of patience, empathy or love seems to help them, and your life is suffering because of the mood swings, you may need to ask yourself if you need this person in your life.

How to deal with a very moody husband After being in a relationship with a consistently moody person for a while, you probably know what life is going to look like. If your partner is emotionally or physically abusive, it may be time to leave. As you have pointed out, this is an impossibility.

Have you thought about seeking respite? Spending a couple of days away to clear your head and decide if you can continue with your current lifestyle. This might provide you with some clarity on your next steps. You also mentioned that you don't want your boys to grow up in a broken family, but are you happy for them to live in an environment where their father disrespects their Mum?

I had to take this into consideration, for my son would observe in the background and l found after a time, he started to mimick his father's behaviour, and that hurt very deeply.

It is time for you as you deserve the respect that he is not giving as a caring and understanding wife. Carmela has a good point, and it's something I have seriously asked myself before. Sure, I never wanted a broken up family - but seriously, what are we teaching our children? Not only is it ok to have arguing unhappy parents, but also its ok to tolerate abuse. Because that's essentially what it is - abuse. It's something you're going to have to face eventually.

And your starting to do that now. Somehow you need to gather the courage to tackle this head on, to get expert help yourself to assist you in facing this challenge. You need help and support to create firm boundaries, to stand up for yourself and if necessary provide your husband with an ultimatum - he gets help, including the both of you getting marriage counselling, or you're out of there.

You don't have to take your kids away from their dad. If he is active in their lives then there is no reason why you can't work out an agreement for shared care. Going by what your saying he'd probably make things as difficult as possible for you to leave or negotiate a divorce with the kids. Regardless that shouldn't stop you - but you will beed help.

So start by going to your GP and go from there. Please come back here and we'll provide you with as much support as we can. But you have to move on this, ok? I will go and speak to my GP and see what her thoughts are. Its just difficult because if I approach him to ask him to seek help he will once again just take it as a personal attack. I dont know that he suffers depression exactly, its more of a high conflict personality I think. He is always writing complaints, picking apart situations until he can whinge or take exception to something.

I am sooooooo far from being like that which is why I guess it causes conflict between the 2 of us. He also brings everything back to him That was my idea" or something bad - its all about him and how it affects him He has always been moody I told him how stressed and anxious I have been regarding a recent issue You arent listening to what I am saying!!

Everything is always on his terms I just have to put up with him until he gets over it. If I ever want to feel angry about something he dismisses me as being stupid or takes it personally and turns it around on me more or less.

As for clearing my head He was away for a week and it was the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time. I didnt stress about anything and I was able to chill out. I realise that should be telling me something.

Its taking a first step thats the hardest. I am just an anxious bundle of emotions and nerves at the moment. Simfa, your husband sounds like he has a personality disorder. It might be best to get out of the relationship. As mothers we all want the best for our kids and would lie down on train tracks for them, I get that and feel the same.

But staying with an emotionally sbusive husnand is bad for you and bad for them. I know lots of kids from divorced families who are very happy and well functioning.

Don't stay with your husband for the sake of the kids. It's not fair on you. Some counselling may help you reach a good decision. Sometimes we can be with someone for so long that our self confidence can be worn away, especially if our partner has a very strong personality and is a black and white thinker. My husband is both of those.

I can't win an argument with him. Whenever we argue he makes me feel like it's my fault. But I can't leave him because he's got cancer. Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones. Home Get support Online forums.

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Can anyone help me manage this? Thank you so much for the reply. HiSimfa and welcome to Beyondblue. Yes, You are right

Abraham Hicks - How To Handle Out Of The Vortex Spouse

How to deal with a very moody husband Research shows that happy couples share a higher ratio of positive interactions than negative ones, so try your best to be understanding or at least neutral. Once you identify it, you can figure out the best way to handle it. Counseling, in particular, can be helpful if a prolonged bad mood is due to common issues such as difficulty adjusting to retirement or dealing with the aging process, says Dr. Would you like to talk about it or do you prefer to be left alone right now? If you have words or stories that make both of you laugh, bring them up, says Terri Orbuch, Ph. Managing Moods In Marriage | Dr. Richard D. Dobbins