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Guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Brown eyes…

guy with brown hair and brown eyes


  1. What his eye colour says about him
  3. Brown-Eyes White Boy - Alles Mango [prod. by Yumbae]

What his eye colour says about him Cosmopolitan Australia The next time you gaze into a guy's eyes, take note of their colour - with may give you a far deeper glimpse into his personality than you'd expect. Brown eyes are most common, followed by blue and then green.

What his eye colour says about him

Other eyes colours - like hazel, black and grey - occur due to the different ratios of colour pigments in the brown. They're not just a cute facial feature to admire, numerous studies show eye colour is linked to personality traits.

So there's no need to wait until you've been dating for months to pick up that he's a spur-of-the-moment kinda guy who's into impromptu road trips.

Peep at his peepers and read on to find out exactly what makes him guy. Whether they're and or a piercing shade of bright blue, this eye colour is associated with hair and innocence. The darker the blue, the more passionate his personality, with pale blue eyes often brown a calm nature.

Studies have linked people with blue eyes to lower levels of aggression and lower levels of self-esteem. But don't think pale blue-eyed guys are docile - they're also often more flirtatious and better strategic thinkers than darker-hued dudes.

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  • Jul 25, - According to a
Jan 10, - Like staring into the warm brown eyes of your lover? Enjoy a man with rich, chocolaty peepers, do you? Think those blue-eyed guys are losers? Jul 25, - According to a study conducted by Charles University in Prague, men with brown eyes are thought to be more gentle and trustworthy than those.


Brown-Eyes White Boy - Alles Mango [prod. by Yumbae]

Guy with brown hair and brown eyes


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