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Lauren and Dan's Marriage Proposal at Yankee Stadium. A couple of New York Yankee fans will have a great story to tell their kids one day. It's about how Dad lost the ring while proposing to Mom, and all of Yankee Stadium — and beyond — got to watch.

Lauren and Dan's Marriage Proposal at Yankee Stadium

Andrew Fox planned to pop the question to girlfriend Heather Terwillinger during the middle of the fifth inning of Tuesday's game against the Boston Red Sox. Well, the crowd got to see a special moment all right, but definitely not the way Fox planned it.

The ring was stadium to be found. As play resumed on the field, Fox, Terwillinger and many of the fans surrounding them looked all over proposal the piece of missing jewelry one woman even dug through her yankee of popcorn. The search went on for nearly five minutes, with the Yankees' YES Marriage broadcasting continuous updates between pitches.

Yankee Stadium public address announcer Paul Olden relayed the news to the crowd, which responded with a roar of approval. Richards faces hitters for first time since May.

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Mix - Prank War 6: The Infamous Yankee Prankee

Yankee stadium marriage proposal And it had nothing to do with the game being played on the field. With everyone invested in the search — even the cameramen — his girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger of Fredonia, N. Fox, sporting a Yankees jersey, appeared crestfallen as he desperately looked around him for the lost ring in a section-wide hunt that lasted about five suspenseful minutes. In one section of the stands at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, fans experienced an emotional roller coaster. Andrew Fox was all ready to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal when he realized he was missing the one thing that mattered most — the ring. Watch This Guy Hilariously Butcher His Yankee Stadium Marriage Proposal by Losing the Ring