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  1. SkyDome Hotel scandals over the years
  2. Fans distracted by sex during Blue Jays game
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TORONTO'S FULLY EQUIPPED SKYDOME HOTEL BARES SOME LOOKING INTO - Chicago Tribune, Tuesday night, during the team's loss to the Seattle Mariners, those with binoculars could see an older man and a buxom, blond woman having sex in their suite. Although the lights in the suite were off, the couple's room was illuminated by a bank of television lights in the SkyDome. The incident Tuesday follows one several weeks ago where a male guest in the hotel, built into the SkyDome itself, masturbated in the window of his suite in front of thousands of Blue Sex fans.

Police went to his room but no charges were filed because he thought the window was fitted with one-way glass, SkyDome skydome David Garrick said.

SkyDome Hotel scandals over the years

Garrick said the couple had finished by the time police arrived Tuesday. Garrick said he didn't know if police told the couple what many in the crowd had seen.

Metro Toronto police Sgt. However, to be convicted, the accused would have to be intending to offend those they knew were watching, Having said.

New Trump rules to prevent couple who cross illegally from hotel asylum.

All it took was one woman who cheated on her husband while the Iowa Hawkeyes were stomping Minnesota. Suddenly Lois Feldman is the hippest Cougar in America. Tampa Bay Rays game — This century. How do we know this is his girlfriend and not his wife. Would wives really do this for a husband at a baseball game. Formerly Enron Field Sex — RFK Stadium — Camp Randall Stadium Wisconsin — The two were asked to present their football tickets.

70 of the + rooms of the hotel that is part of the Rogers Center (Skydome) have a view of the field. You can watch the game from your Room or the game can watch you: as one incident when a man was thrown out of the hotel for masturbating at the window, believing it was one-way glass.
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May 13, - TORONTO -- An amorous couple in room 43 of the SkyDome Hotel Three documented cases of couples having sex during Blue Jays games. Nov 3, - A naughty couple has been caught on camera having sex up opposite a busy London office in broad daylight. The pair were filmed going at it.

Ralph Wilson Stadium — A woman, law enforcement officials said Monday, was having sex with her boyfriend in a bathroom stall. Qwest Field Seattle — A Thurston County senior deputy prosecutor who was ejected from Qwest Field Sunday after employees said he was having sex in a bathroom told his boss he was just using the facilities.

Metrodome Sex — The granddaddy of them all. Lois Feldman goes to town with another dude while her husband is watching the game. The 38 year old fan and mother of three attended the game with her husband, who declined an invitation to accompany his wife to the restroom.

Skydome — July, This summer a cameraman caught a naked chick hanging with some fratties, whom we can only assume, were getting a few lap dances between innings. Lesbian kissing at Safeco Field — In no particular order so feel free to rank them if that is how you like to roll. Tampa Bay Rays game — This century http: Camp Randall Stadium Wisconsin — The police officer gives his report. Take it up with the editors.

Fans distracted by sex during Blue Jays game

Everyone i know who is from the city calls it the skydome still.

Days later, a man was caught masturbating during a game in full view of the packed stands. The man, later tracked down by a Sports Illustrated reporter, calmly said, "I thought they were one-way windows. Afterwards, the disgraced architect responsible for the design flaw that made this possible was blackballed, and wound up taking over a Boston tennis academy after the death of his step-brother-in-law.

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Skydome hotel couple having sex The SkyDome sex was a recurring problem, thanks to persistent guests of the Renaissance Hotel—the room windows looked right out onto the field. It hasn’t happened in a while, but in the early and mid-’90s it had become something of a regular occurrence for couples to be seen having sex in the SkyDome Hotel windows while a game was.
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Hotel sex

Skydome hotel couple having sex The room SkyDome Hotel, which has 70 rooms looking out onto the stadium's artificial turf. Baseball draws much of its appeal from a rich vein of memories-Babe Ruth supposedly pointing to the bleachers at Wrigley Field before his legendary "called-shot" home run, Willie Mays streaking into deepest center-field in the old Polo Grounds to make his famed "over-the-shoulder" catch. Only one hotel in the world asks guests not to strip naked in front of thousands of baseball fans. On May 15, , during a game between the Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners, some of the 40, fans in attendance spotted a naked man and a woman wrapped in a towel watching from one of the rooms. And only one stadium has such an inn wedged between its concrete columns. Fans distracted by sex during Blue Jays game - UPI Archives