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signs a leo man is hurt


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When Leo Men get hurt do they withdraw? Yahoo Answers Hi everyone, i was just wondering if any leo could answer my question, me and my leo boyfriend were madly in love, but for a short time we were separated in different countries and my mood was always up and down, though he loved me crazily, and was always there for me. But i hurt him badly during one long week, and he said he needs time to recover, a break.

So i decided not to contact him, but after a week, he wrote me, he missed me and feels bad that things went on that way, man he knew that hurt time there was no other choice.

After sometimes he sent me a text, or another mail.

30 Terrible Signs A Leo Man Doesn’t Like You Back

And a week ago he texted me, that he misses our talk, everything of us, and me too. Leo talked on msn a few days later, and he was nice but suddenly changed his mood, and left being hurt, saying it all would have never happened if he was closer, and he hopes to see me again. Since then he tried to call me but i didnt see it on time, but signs didnt call him back. What do you think i count on leo male's opnion pleasedoes he still have feelings?

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Leo is traditionally represented as the Lion and is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Here you will find indepth personality information about Leos, what they signs like in love, hurt weaknesses and strengths, and how to attract a Leo girlfriend or boyfriend. The Lion Key Phrase: Marigold and sunflower Trees: Orange and all citrus trees Part of the body ruled by Leo: Heart, back and spines Emotional strain and physical overexertion cause back and leo ailments in those who are born of this sign. The Sun The center of our solar system, the Sun is a star that burns with intense fire and supplies us with energy, heat and man. In astrology, the Sun is the most powerful planetary influence, bestowing vitality and authority. The dynasty Tarot Card:.

Most feel the powerful presence of a Leo man almost immediately. Leo the pussycat Although often appearing supremely confident on the outside, most Leos .
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30 Terrible Signs A Leo Man Doesn't Like You Back There are some dark side 33 Ways on How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Space without Hurting His. Mar 21, - Whatever a man's Sun sign (I'm guessing Leo Sun sign is what is meant by “a Leo man”) being 'dumped and hurt' means that there is bound to be some kind of  How will a Leo man act after a breakup?

Being honest about your feelings just keeps things simple. These guys are known for being flakey, and this is not just some stereotype—unfortunately, the rumors are true. In fact, he will barely react in person at all—instead, he will simply ghost you! It is quite possibly one of the most frustrating aspects of the modern dating scene! They will just disappear without a trace! Now, when it comes to figuring out what an earth sign guy is feeling Just like fire signs, these guys are definitely hard to read, and even as they get older, this is an aspect of their personalities that does not really change one bit.

And you also know how tough it can be to find out how they really feel about you! You will just have to wait and see! The last thing on earth that they want to do is let someone down—especially someone who they care about.

Virgo guys are a little more straightforward about this type of thing than Taurus guys.

Everything You Need To Know About The Leo In Your Life

He will probably let you down very gently—he has no desire to hurt you. Nope, no way—Capricorn guys are super serious, career-oriented, organized and stoic guys who rarely make mistakes, while Sagittarius guys are free spirits who would rather travel the world, work odd jobs, and flirt with different girls than settle down in any way.

Earlier, we revealed that when a Sagittarius guy is not interested in you, he will simply ghost you without an explanation. And Capricorn guys will take the same tactic. They are not always as mature as Taurus and Virgo guys when it comes to relationships, so always be careful!

On the surface, it can seem like an air sign guy is an open book, but unfortunately for the girls who love the, this could not be further from the truth. These guys always have a hidden side—sometimes, they will be scared to admit how much they love you, and other times, they will lead you on rather than just telling you how they really feel because they like the attention. Look, you already know the deal when it comes to Gemini guys. If you know even a little bit about astrology, you know exactly what type of reputation these guys have earned for themselves.

There will not be any good morning texts or invitations to hang out with just him.

Signs a leo man is hurt Characteristics of Zodiac Sign: Leo A Leo man, if crossed or badly hurt, strikes back with force. However, he would never bear a grudge and would easily forgive. A fire sign, Leo is sure to be anything but ordinary a love affair unlike any other, filled with excitement and pleasure. Leo loves the theatrical and adores the stages of courtship. Leos are very proud, however pride can cause great vulnerability and a hurt ego, can lead to a Leo becoming deeply wounded.
But some of them are simply not mature enough to be honest about how they feel. As for Aquarius guys, well, they use a similar tactic. But they probably will start to mention other girls who they find attractive.

Is it the most mature way of handling things? But the truth is that many Aquarius guys simply do not know how to handle their emotions, especially when it comes to relationships. Eventually, they will find it in themselves to just be direct and say how they really feel instead of hiding the truth.

As you may already know, guys born under any of the water signs tend to be more emotional than men born under any other sign! This is both a blessing and a curse. Now, does this mean that they will always be super open about their true feelings, right off the bat? Sometimes, this will be the case, and if they feel strongly about you, you might find out how he really feels shortly after you hang out for the first time.

Honestly, most of the time, it will be. Okay, yes, we JUST said that water signs guys are less likely to lead you on than other guys. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. If a Leo man gets dumped and hurt and acts extremely cruel and cold, what does that mean? What does a Leo man want from a Scorpio woman? When a woman says grow and act like a man what does she mean? What does it mean if a guy acts hot and cold towards you? How do I communicate being hurt and dumped by a good man?

The speculative answer you seek will not come from knowing his Sun sign. Prob best keep away. You prob want to move on. He's a man that has been scorned. Related Questions Why is it cruel to dump someone friend or lover for no reason?

What should we do when someone has hurt our feeling's in a cruel manner? What would it most probably mean if a Leo man keeps coming back even after breakup? Should I ignore a Leo man to get his full attention? Is it cold and cruel for women to tell a guy to go freak himself?

What does it mean when someone says you act like a man? Today someone said, "I can be your friend and dumping dodo" to me.


Signs a leo man is hurt What on earth does "dumping dodo" mean? What does it mean if a girl acts distant? What does it mean when someone acts or dresses country?

LEO MAN: Understanding Leo Men !!!

Signs a leo man is hurt But one thing is for sure—falling for a fire sign often means falling hard. On the other hand, sometimes you actually encounter the opposite scenario. They definitely have a few things in common, but each fire sign acts a little differently in romantic scenarios. Sometimes, you have such a great time hanging out, things are going super well, and every time you text one of your friends, all you can do is gush about how amazing he is. It can be so hard to tell if a guy is truly interested in you or not. These guys are super charming and trust us, they know it! When it comes to fire signs, it can actually be tough to generalize. If a Leo man gets dumped and hurt and acts extremely cruel and cold, what does that mean? - Quora