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Slang words for sex, sexual intercourse Urban Thesaurus The Online Slang Dictionary T here are teachers and parents for the facts of life. For the fiction, it's the Urban Dictionary.

Created in by Slang Peckham, who was then just a first-year terms, the site allows anybody to add terms word or phrase of sexual slang along with its definition. There's an editing process, but not much of one, and as a result urbandictionary.

Whether anybody in real life has had both the and and the inclination to "poopsterbate", for instance, has to be a matter of some doubt, despite the assurances of ShawnB that his friend Daniel "is undoubtedly a chronic poopsterbater".

Nevertheless you have slang give Shawn, or perhaps Daniel, some credit sexual their inventiveness.

Category:Sexual slang

The following therefore is a selection of the milder sexual terms that can be found on the Urban Dictionary. Some you and recognise. The rest must not be tried at home. This describes conventional sex, for once, but of a kind that only occurs on anniversaries, birthdays and at Christmas.

Here are the most adorable terms for sexual intercourse from the last or so years. Play at couch quail Ride below the crupper Board a land carrack Put the devil into hell Dance the Paphian jig Play at tray trip of a die Shot twixt wind and water Play at rantum-scantum.

A list of slang words for sex, sexual intercourse. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus).
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Mar 18, - there is the Urban Dictionary and its treasure trove of sexual slang. The following therefore is a selection of the milder sexual terms that can. Oct 3, - And when I have no idea about some weird sex term, I hit up Urban If you hear people laughing or talking about something sexual, and you.

If you are familiar with the sport, then you might understand this sex-related terminology: First base — kissing Second base — touching, heavy petting, and rubbing Third base — oral sex Home run — intercourse Learn English with Friends TV: Get down and dirty Sex someone up Score is another term derived from sports, and is kind of out dated. Screw is literally the act of turning a screw see picture Example: Bang is the sound that a gun makes or to hit something hard usually with your fists Nail is similar to a screw, but to insert them you use a hammer.

Ride usually means to mount an animal… you get the picture. Get nasty gives a rather dirty, vulgar image of sex. Posted in Uncategorized and tagged bang , bone , booty , Colloquial English Ways to Say Sex Have Sex , Copulate , Do it , English , first base , Fluency , fool around , Fornicate , fuck , Get busy , get down and dirty , get intimate , Get it on , Get Laid , get nasty , get some ass , go all the way , Have an Affair , Have Coitus , Have Relations , heavy petting , hit a home run , Hook Up , hump , kissing , make babies , Make Love , Mate , nail , Natives , naughty , oral sex , pound , ravish , ride , root , rubbing , score , screw , second base , sex you up , Sexual Intercourse , shag , Slang , Sleep With , third base , touching.

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40 Ways to say SEX: Synonyms, Slang, and Collocations (EXPLICIT)

Last edited on Apr 19 Submitted by Jose M. Hey baby, let's ball. They were balling in the back room. If I put a sock on the doorknob, don't come in: Last edited on Jan 21 Submitted by Gerry M.

I'm ballin' out of control tonight. Them rims are ballin'. Last edited on Mar 23 Submitted by Brian C. Last edited on Aug 19 Last edited on Feb 19 Submitted by Joan G. I was balling with some friends yesterday. Last edited on Jul 30 Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 30 Last edited on Apr 12 Last edited on Mar 03 Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 03 You should go to that new restaurant. Their pasta fazoule is banging! That concert was banging.

Sexual terms and slang Pages in category "Sexual slang" The following 69 pages are in this category, out of 69 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Pirate has multiple meanings in sexual gum.datingnpop.gdnl of them emerged in the 20th century and play off the tradition that pirates took whatever they wanted, including sex, which was "seen as a conquest.". Usage. The most common usage is Australian slang for a man searching around for casual sex, as in "on the pirate" or the verb "to pirate".. It has also been used to describe a pimp who steals.
That party was banging , bro.

That gear is banging. Her outfit is bangin'! Last edited on Nov 04 She was banging at that party! Last edited on Nov 30 Short for "gang bang.

He's bad news -- out banging with them felons. Last edited on Jan 18 Submitted by Derek D. I was banging with my peeps. This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found. Last edited on Dec 20 Submitted by Chelsea N. Last edited on Dec 08 Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 09 TV , Season 6 Episode 13 censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

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Sexual terms and slang Just bang a quick left here. Bang a right at the stop sign. We passed it, so you'll have to bang a U-turn. Last edited on Nov 09 I banged that girl I took home from the bar last night! Last edited on Aug 12 Submitted by Jared F. He still bangs cars. Last edited on Apr 07 Submitted by Amanda H. Mark had to go into the bathroom. Last edited on Nov 03 Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 01 If he keeps saying that, watch me walk over and bang him.

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Sex and Kissing Vocabulary !

Sexual terms and slang This article will start with the most formal, literal terms for sex and move to the naughtier [more inappropriate] language that you need to be more careful with. If you need to talk about sex, these terms can be used with pretty much anyone. Have sex is by far the most common and appropriate term to use. We understand that sex is a delicate topic for many people, and this article is meant to be more of a resource rather than an English lesson. Learning about idioms, slang, and collocations for sex will really help your understanding of everyday English, as sex is a topic that often comes up in popular culture music, TV , and more often than not, we use sexual innuendos [suggestive terms] rather than the more literal terms that you might already know. The 10 Sex Terms You Don't Know & Are Too Embarrassed To Ask About · Betches