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Indian mom and son - New Sex Story I story in my office when the phone call originated from my local town. The call was from my old uncle and the message pitiful.

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While going in train, I pondered my past. My family comprised of my two more youthful sisters and my Mother, who is a 50 year old dowager. My Father had kicked the bucket when I was just 10 years of age. A year ago, my most youthful sister passed on because of electric stun while pressing. My Mother saw the heartbreaking passing of my indian youthful sister and the stun made my Mother lose her mental equalization and my Mother turned into mother mental patient.

She just mutters pointless words and just lounges around. In the event that you advise her something twice or thrice she will sex, without comprehending what son is doing. She used to bathe my Mother, dress her, sustain her and take care of her in all methods.

I had sex with my stepmom as well as sister. Let me start the story. It was summer time and we had nothing to do. Rita and my dad went off to work while all three of us stayed behind. My sister and I slept in the same room and bed so Nisha could have […]. She stood up and then patted her belly a few times. I sat down in the living room and watched tv.

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Oct 4, - I am running a small shop in my village my mother is a house wife she is little fat and white in colour i am her only son so she loves me a lot. Indian mother and son sex sagas. Horny moms entice their sons for real sex at home. Some lusty sons also make use of hot mothers at home.

She pulled them away then stroked my face and kissed me again. I left to go back to bed but decided to show mother the effect she had on me. I deliberately and noisily went to the toilet and then proceeded to toss myself off. After I came I suddenly felt horribly ashamed of myself, knowing that Mother knew what I was doing in there.

I crept back to bed silently and slept fitfully.


The next morning in the kitchen I watched my Mother as she moved around the room. The sari she wore was tight around her buttock. Pallu of her sari was between her two breasts exposing their shape through her blouse.

By the time I had finished my breakfast Father had left. I took the empty plate to the sink where she was busy washing up. I was curious to know if she would say anything about the night before. When I stood behind her, so close that her Sari was brushing me.

She neither turned round nor said anything. I slid them round onto her stomach; still no response. I insert my finger in her navel and move it in circling motions.

Slowly, expecting her to stop me any moment, I moved my hands up onto her breasts. My heart pounding madly as I gradually took their weight in my hands, lifting them slightly through blouse. Mother had stopped washing the dishes and was now motionless as I held her tits. I felt her nipples harden and I teased them with my fingers.

I pushed against her.

Indian sex story of mother and son Indian mother and son sex sagas. Horny moms entice their sons for real sex at home. Some lusty sons also make use of hot mothers at home. Read how these horny woman suck and fuck son’s dick. Indian mother sex starved, Indian mother seduces her son.. Varsha along with her son Raju had come to attend her youngest sister’s wedding. Large number of relatives had come for the festive occasion.
She must have been able to feel my erection as I could feel her ass move against it. Finally, reluctantly she pushed me away from her. Then I went off to get my things ready for college. As soon as I was out of the door mother came and said mischievously,. How could you dare to do what you did with your old mother? Despite of her threaten I could sense that she was teasing me. Although there was big age deference between them initially their married life was quite satisfactory. After marriage within a year I was born. Father was working in good company here in Bombay.


Indian sex story of mother and son Father used to leave morning 9: As My mother was housewife she would greet him everyday when he returned from office. We would laugh, chat or play together.
I decided to tease back. I want to feel them whenever I am close to you!

When I got home I was annoyed to see Father was already there. I knew father would be going out before long and then I would be alone with Mother. He wanted to eat and waited in the kitchen while Mother got him something. When she had nearly finished I went to my room and lay on the bed. As I had hoped mother came in my room while father was eating. She looked at me and without a word she pulled Pallu of her sari from her breast and inserts it inside her sari near belly. Then she started to unhook her blouse.

I watched, spellbound, as she unhooked all the way and slid it off her breast. Her tits were held by a black bra, which she promptly undid and free her breast.

Her tits stood proud before me. I was trembling at the sight of them. They looked every bit as good as they felt. Mother had a relaxed grin on her face. I got off the bed and stood in front of her. Mother just looked at me as I reached up and fondled her breast.

As I stood with her breasts in my hands she undid my short. She pushed down my underpants. My dick sprung out to meet her and she held it gently. She smiled, holding up her sticky hand before us, then, to my surprise, she licked every drop from her hand.

I was so excited that my own mother was licking my cum. What if she licks my dick with that luscious mouth? I sat on the edge of the bed watching her as she hook back her bra and blouse. As she spread front of her sari on her breast I shacked my neck as disapproval. She realised what I want and gathered pallu of her sari and put them between her cleavage exposing her both breasts proudly. She left smilingly and after she had gone I pulled up my shorts.

I tried but could not sleep afterward. I refused to sleep. I wanted to go back to her at midnight for more. Despite my resolve I think I must have fallen asleep as father coming home at about He crashed around a bit before going to bed. The nightlight was on but Mother was not sitting up. Her Sari and panties was lying on floor. Her blouse and bra was open and petticoat was raised all the way up her waist. Father was naked, hairy buttocks rose and fell as he ploughed in and out of her, grunting slightly with the exertion.

Mother was just lay there, looking bored at the ceiling. Despite my disgust at what he was doing to her I felt my dick rise inside my shorts and I instinctively held it. I felt like going in and pulling him off. Mother saw me take a few tentative steps into the room and flicked her head with stern eyes, indicating I should leave. She seemed to show no embarrassment at me seeing her being fucked. I stayed for a few seconds longer to show I was not afraid of him but Father was totally oblivious to my presence.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink. I was standing by the fridge when Mother came there. She was wearing petticoat and her blouse and bra was open hanging over her shoulders. The fridge door was open and in the dim light I could see her breasts and even dark patch of her pubes through her thin petticoat. She came straight to me as though she knew I would be there and we hugged for what seemed like ages.

I was kneading her breast with my left hand and was squeezing her ass with right hand. I move my right hand from her buttock and brought it in the front. I boldly cupped her pussy from above petticoat. My dick was subsided before, but began to grow again with the intensity of her touch.

Finally mother moved away slightly, raised her petticoat up her waist, showing me her pussy. Then she took my right hand and placed it between her legs. She guided my first two fingers to her pussy and rubbed herself with them. She released my hand slowly and allowed me to continue rubbing her myself.

She shuffled leaned back against the kitchen counter as I continued to rub her. Before long she started to moan softly and I pulled her petticoat up fully so that I could see her nakedness more clearly. We both tensed for a moment when we heard Father mumble, from bedroom, but we heard no more after that. Mother began to rub herself more intensely on my fingers then nearly collapsed as she came.

I looked at her she smiled at me. I smile back and leak her juices from my fingers like she did with my cum that afternoon. When mother had calmed down she pulled down my shorts and started to stroke me again. Smiling, she hooked a strand of hair behind her ear and bent down, taking my dick completely into her mouth. My mother was sucking my dick. She knows about oral sex! Father must have taught her everything in the sex then! The sensation of her cool mouth on my hot dick came as a shock at first but it felt so fantastic that I was soon moaning like her.

I gripped her hair as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft. When I came it was like I had never cum before and Mother drank the lot. After she raised and took a drink from the fridge. She patted my face gently with her hand, smiling, then went back to her bedroom.

The next day was a Saturday and I had to go to college for half day. She did manage to get to the door when I was out and whispered,. You are so giving. Father gives nothing, just takes. I hope you liked seeing my old body in the kitchen. Your cum tastes delicious, Raja! I said to her,. Today is Saturday and as usual Father will be out whole night with his friend. I want to see you fully naked clearly and you should allow me to do everything I want with you.

When I got back from college father was in the house and knew I would have to wait a few hours before he would go out. I watched my mother moving around the house; she was wearing a thin sari and a thin blouse. The way her tits moved freely told me she was bra-less, was she panty-less as well I thought? There was only one way to find out so when she was close to me and father was out of the room I slipped my hand up the back of her leg and onto her ass.

It was nicely smooth and devoid of panties. Before I could explore further I heard father and she moved away. I had a bath and afterwards I sit in the chair just in my shorts reading some books. I was listening to the sounds coming from the other rooms of the house. Father had finished getting ready and Just before eight I heard the door open and close as he went out. Shortly after that I heard Mother locked the main door and went to her bedroom.

Was she getting ready? What would she put on? A second later mine slowly opened and she stepped into my room. My 39 years old mother had really done effort to look great herself. She wore pink coloured sari and blouse. Material was so transparent that I could see her bra through her blouse. She put on some make-up on her face as if she was going out on the town. She stopped in the middle of the room and did a slow turn as I looked at her backside.

She was looking sexier from back. Sari was pulled so tightly on her buttock that they were bulging out. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation toward room and I then saw her big breasts with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her tight nipples surrounding her most sexiness. My cock was pushing the fabric of my underwear to the limits.

She slowly turn back and her lips parted in a surprising as She find me gazing her. Her head titled back and her breasts jump up. I felt dizzy and confused at that time. This was my own Mother here.

But she was half naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching my mother as she looked beautiful and voluptuous. My mother was an average horny lady. My mother figure is perfect, she had firm tight belly long sturdy legs, big breasts and wide hips to match. Her big boobs were bit tight and her waist was a bit normal. Her shape was sexy than among most house wives in India. Her sexiness was more displayed with her buttocks and her body was moist with some after shower sweat.

After that I was unable to behave normally with my mother for some days. She asked me the reason as I was not normal these days. She said if you had any problem say it to me and I will solve it. I was already nineteen years old and built like a bull.

At that age I was too possessive about my mother and always thought about keeping her safe between my thighs. After some days I used to go to internet to read these stories. I was really getting hot after reading the stories. My attitude changed towards my mother. I use to observe her body in all the way possible.

I use to watch the woman in my mom. I began to notice my dear mother in a different light. I was growing aware sexually and with some incident that bought, him to the realization that his mother Rupa was very sexy. She was really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She was fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two could not be kept within her Bra and Blouse.

Most of the time when she was doing household work her sari cannot cover her big boobs and her cleavage was always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. As usual she was watching the T. Her tight ass was a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males whomever seeing her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. Then think about me. She was my fantasy woman. I know she was my mother.

But couldn't resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. To tell you the truth I was dying to had sex with her but always scared and think about the divine relationship of mother and son between us. Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her round huge butts. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor.

But I don't know how to get her. I planned for so many things to get her. But dropped on those options as I want her in bed with her approval. I was thinking how to get her without concentrating on studies. Next early morning I walked into the bathroom and when I open the door I saw my son Rajiv drying off with a towel and the position he was in I could clearly see the his big cock, "O h my god", his cock had to be at least 7 inches long and 2.

It was very difficult to explain the thrill which ran through me as I watched Rajiv drying his strong body. I was tired of fucking myself with my finger. As any proud sexy mother, I kept to see his wonderful manly body. At night in bed I thought about morning incident. To be honest, he looked extremely handsome. That whole day and than nights, I got reimage my son's strong body in mind specially his manhood.

I also pictured in my mind's, the image of my son as he gazed at my wet, half naked body after the shower incident. It very quickly became clear that his expression was more than just normal adolescent male curiosity. It was the undeniable expression of lust that seen from men a thousand times for sexy look women. What was perhaps most surprising was not this realization but my reaction to it.

I found myself pleasantly excited whenever I remained my son expression during that incident. The thought that I actually turned on my own son became strangely thrilling to me. My sex life had remained irregular to say the least.

My husband perhaps assumed that we weren't young anymore to had our share of fun once our son came out of the high school. He was content with his quota of business, transcendental meditation and yoga. He seldom revealed his horny side and when he did, it was more out of his own personal compulsions.

He had always remained predictable on the bed. He looked so methodical while having sex and it was never enjoyable from the start till he eventually groaned shooting his cum inside me. He wasn't getting anywhere closer to what I normally expected from him. I kept telling lies to him that I had enjoyed his intimacy as was expected from a typical Indian housewife. At 39, it was humiliating to resort to masturbating although it seemed the only option available to me.

The fantasies about having a loud orgasm remained a distant dream. I had noticed even young guys and now I believe my handsome son staring at my rather large breasts also my full and round butt.

Like most of the women who were born and brought up in India, I had dark, long hair that nearly touched my waist. My eyes were black and had long hairs. I was having milky white complexion. I like to wear bra and panties of latest design. I dress in nighty when at home in night. I pass my time in household work. I was a housewife. I was missing the prince of the house very badly. But the fact that I am a married woman in a respectable family, had always prevented me from falling into relation to other than my husband.

After reading stories which i got regularly in my email and read them, so that my desire and lust to had sexual relation with my son increased and started working to make it true. I often get urge for sexual acts, helpless in those nights where I was having desperate need for manly pleasures on my body. I was passing those hard days with masturbation, fingering myself.

I too started fantasizing about my son when I saw him naked in bathroom. Rupa's mind get horny. She noted sometime her own son gazing my breasts. I thought It was after he saw me in towel that day, from same day that I noticed that, while alone, Rajiv started paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone, I was a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions, I found him peeping and staring at them. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on my tight boobs.

I noticed that even while talking to me, his eyes made a regular stares on my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again. But again after some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. After all, he was also a sex-starved young man, I thought and did not give it much thought.

At first I thought, it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me too in a strange way. As a Indian woman and a mother I was feeling little awkward but after reading fantasize for mom I too got daring to get my son inside me. I clearly note that my son finding woman in mine. I was really getting attracted towards my son. I was moving very close to him. But it was not enough to satisfy me. Rupa was thinking for her son. Today noon I was alone at home.

While going to college in morning Rajiv during breakfast told me that he will back in evening. Today she check her all email. Rupa had just checked thumbnails of images. She want to see all images but one of her neighbor came to meet her. So she had decided to check all images at night as her husband was out of station. In evening Rajiv checked history in computer when his mother was busy with neighbored. His mother had got story with images which he email to mother. I found it fascinating and finished it in one go.

After finishing the story , I realized that my cunt was dripping with excitement. My choot was on fire and I had nothing else other than my fingers to satisfy my urges.

But I wanted something real inside me. My fingers were not able to satisfy my desires. I put off the table lamp and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. She did not know that her son was just left from the her bedroom door. He was there when rupa was fingering her cunt As Rajiv came to kitchen for drink water. When he pass near her mother bedroom heard some noise. It's late night so he surprise and he turn to door. He peeped through key hole. Rajiv's penis get erection.

Her mother nude body was hot in room. She was reading mother fucking story on computer. I took a gander at Mother. Presently I will tell about her figure. My Mother, a 50 year old dowager, is an exceptionally fat woman, with substantial rocky bosoms, a swelling stomach, column like thighs and an enormous distending ass. She around then was wearing a saree and shirt and she was dressed by my relatives. The thought of stripping my fat Mother made my cockerel jerk. I chose to proceed. I advised Mother that we will go to the restroom.

She just remained there. I grabbed hold of her hand and drove her to the washroom. Once inside the restroom, I put on the light, put the towel in the material pole, and advised her to uproot her fabrics.

She simply murmured something and remained there looking vacantly. I went after her saree and evacuated it. Presently Mother had just her pullover and her underskirt. I took a gander at her, my chicken throbbing. Her tremendous bosoms looked as though they will tear her shirt. Her extensive ass was pushing out her under skirt towards outside. I pondered what will be the response of my distraught Mother in the event that I continue with uncovering her.

Reluctantly I went after her shirt and unfastened it and uprooted it. Presently her bosoms are secured just n an antiquated bra. I uprooted that too. Her bosom sprang out and lurched downwards, hurting down. They were truly immense with areolas the span of thumb. My chicken began spilling pre cum. At that point my hands came to the bunch in her underskirt and loosened it.

Pulling so as to uproot her underskirt it upwards and over her neck, I was excited by the sight. My fat old distraught Mother standing bare before me, totally available to me. The scene just was jolting. Her protruding stomach stooped downwards and I looked willingly between her thighs. Her exposed ass, fat and immense was pushed outwards. I began shuddering with desire. My rooster had raised its head and was throbbing. I took the mug and took water and poured it on the body of my bare Mother.

She kept standing tolerating everything.

मां बेटे के साथ चुदाई

Indian sex story of mother and son Rajiv's father name was Dipak and rich businessman in city. His mother Rupa was the house wife. What are you doing here? Where did you come from? Rajiv was only 19 years old. Rupa was 39 years old now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Son Fucks Indian Mother - New Sex Story