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  1. Meerut police beat up woman on suspicion of affair with Muslim man
  2. The Day I Got Beat Up By A Girl
  4. Kid gets beat up by a girl!!

'Girl beats up guy' Search - gum.datingnpop.gdn, Meerut police personnel were seen abusing and slapping a young girl for beat choosing a Muslim partner in a video that went viral recently.

In the video, a male police officer is seen abusing the girl for choosing a partner from another religion while the woman constable slapped the girl repeatedly. The police officer said, "Mullah zyada pasand aaraha? The incident took place two days boy in Meerut where the girl and her male friend were caught by locals in an "objectionable position".

The locals and a few VHP members created a ruckus outside the boy's room.

Meerut police beat up woman on suspicion of affair with Muslim man

Meanwhile, some called the police. The mob outside the room wanted to beat up the boy and girl, they accused the two of "love jihad". The VHP members also asked the girl's father to file a case against the boy.

However, he denied and said that the whole incident was a result of misunderstanding.

Wearing a pretty dress the girl can be seen jumping on her victim's back as he tries to get up off the floor. This shocking footage shows a beat dressed in a pretty dress savagely attacking a boy in school grounds. She can be seen jumping on her victim's back as he tries to get up off the floor, kneeing him in the head and pulling him by the hair. The teacher can be heard screaming: Who boy that girl. The video was shared on Facebook and has been viewed more than 13 million times on the girl media site, since it was shot last Thursday.

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He took a wild swing at her and missed, she didn't even have to get out of the way, she took a more controlled swing at him, he probably could have gotten out of the way, but he was so tired and winded, he didn't move and got hit in the face, he backed up a step or two, and then another step or two when she came in his direction, she stopped and asked him "are we done now? Apparently neither of them knew much about how to fight, but apparently she just wore him out, because she was stronger and in better shape than he was.

There was a guy ahead of me, doing strange things. He never saw me but he was about the distance of a telephone pole away. He kept stopping and looking around, he was pretty creepy. He kept walking next to the side of buildings, restaurants, bus stops. Ahead off me off the side street, a woman walks by with a backpack on. She was about 5 foot 5, pounds maybe, big hips and legs. I notice that guy noticing her and he jets for her.

The Day I Got Beat Up By A Girl

I start running towards her yelling look out.

She hears me from behind and sees him coming at the last second and as he attempts to grab her and the two scuffle on the ground. There was a guy ahead of me, doing strange things. He never saw me but he was about the distance of a telephone pole away. He kept stopping and looking around, he was pretty creepy. He kept walking next to the side of buildings, restaurants, bus stops. Ahead off me off the side street, a woman walks by with a backpack on.

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She was about 5 foot 5, pounds maybe, big hips and legs. I hear two loud thuds and she quickly destroys him and his arm. She thanks me as I help her up from the ground and give her the backpack. She introduced herself to me and her name was Vanessa, she said to me yeah I teach I forget what some sort of martial arts class for 16 years and she started when she was Outside of almost killing that guy, she seemed very sweet and plain looking.

Never would have thought she would have that in her by looking at her. I said do you want me to call someone? If a guy hits a girl, he would be accused for abusing. But what if a girl hits a guy?

What do double standards exist in here? In my opinion, a girl should never hit a guy and a guy should never hit a girl. There should be equality among both parties and they should never hurt anyone. Most of the girls who have bad temper tend to hit guys when they get angry. They tend to release their anger real fast and it can create a tremendous impact on the relationship, both physically and mentally. For example, when a girl hits the face of a guy really hard, long lasting wounds would be created.

The guy will have to go through all the pain, but nobody would speak a word for him. But if the same guy hits the girl and creates such wounds, he would be blasted and criticise by the society. Hitting a guy would not only create physical wounds.


Boy beat up by girl It can cause wounds within the mind as well. The pain that the guy has to go through in the long run would make the mental suffering even worse.

The Power to Succeed in Marriage. Depends on the training you get. So it all boils down to how trained both of them are. If the guy is equally trained as the woman but has a better musculature, athletic ability and biological strength. It would be bad for you or anybody without proper technique to engage in a fight and not finish it. But the real answer to your dilemma is - The best fight in the world is the fight you avoid.

Two girls named Shampa and Sadia, respectively were in 7th grade and 9th grade, beat up two eve-teasers who used to tease school and college-going girls standing roadside. Both of the girls knew Karate and Martial Arts. I searched a lot, but this is the only photo I got. As report says, while beating up the eve-teasers both of the girls were so furious that local people and shopkeepers had to come forward to rescue them.

This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Can a girl beat up a guy? Answered Apr 11, How do I beat a guy? How can I beat up a guy who is much bigger than me? What would you do if you saw a group of girls beating up a boy? If a girl makes a guy beat up another guy as a form of bullying, will she be in trouble too?

Answered Apr 28, In the school where I taught martial arts, there was a score board in the women's changing room. The scoreboard tracked how many times each of the female blackbelts had broken a male student's groin cup.

I seem to recall some debate about whether or not it was worth double points when it was done with a hand strike instead of a kick. For context, this is the piece of protective equipment men wear so they aren't harmed if they're hit in the groin by a fast pitched baseball.

Sure, lots of people in martial arts learn to break boards, but the women in my style are aiming for a harder target. Amusing anecdote aside, physical size isn't the sole determination of who wins in a fight.

Women are perfectly capable of besting men in fights, as always, who wins will depend on the individual man and woman involved. Equally, women are perfectly capable of beating the ever living tar out of their male partners.

Female on male domestic abuse is a real thing, it does happen, and the belief that women can't hurt men only serves to trap those battered men in places where they're getting hurt without access to help. Abusers come in all shapes, sizes, genders, classes, ethnicities and levels of education.

It isn't something that only happens to "people like X" Quora User , casual drunk, serious eater, curmudgeon before his time. She's most famous for winning matches against women in the UFC, but she once beat the shit out of two guys at the same time in a movie theater: Admittedly it's grappling and not a full-on fight, but still: I'm afraid the other answers here are overselling the undeniable fact that a lot of women can beat up a lot of men.

I'll start by granting that girls are fierce. In five years of Muay Thai, one of the most noticeable things at practice was that while there were much fewer girls, they'd always be there, and they always gave everything they had. As far as training discipline is concerned, I'm wholly convinced that the average girl is much more dedicated than the average guy. I have nothing but respect for what they achieved—and are still achieving, while I'm enjoying life as a couch potato.

However, one of the other most noticeable things was what an immense advantage it is to be almost two meters tall. At my peak, I was in pretty good shape, but my technique was mediocre and I've never been very strong. Yet, I had the enormous privilege of sparring with a female world champion, whose skill, physique and even strength absolutely humbles me. While we were only sparring and no-one was keeping score, and she might even have been nice to me, I walked away from it not exactly fearing meeting her in a back alley.

Because of the great but opposite difference in both size and skill between us, we only sparred once, but I consider that the extreme example of something I experienced in every single session: Being tall is a game changer. Women can be absolute war machines, but anyone denying that 20 centimetres of range or 20 kilos of muscle each easily equates to at least a couple of years of hard training, is doing themselves a huge disservice. Quora User , Latitude 36 Attitude left.

I had a friend who did judo at Tenri University in Japan. Tenri is one of the judo powerhouses of Japanese judo. They have produced many, many Olympic and world champions. One day this smallish gal, less than 48kg less than lbs comes to the dojo for a visit. I have done it successfully too!!

And I am not trained or anything. Many many moons ago, when I was 18, I left home for the first time to go to college. One afternoon, I was walking back to my hostel with my friends when suddenly a man on a bicycle went past. While crossing me he reached over and grabbed my boob. I was so revolted!! Just ran behind him and caught hold of his bicycle carrier and dug my heels in. He fell down and I started kicking the crap out of him. I was just getting warmed up when my idiot friends came and dragged me away.

The man scrambled back on to his bike and wheeled away fast screaming incoherent obscenities at me. In retrospect, not the brightest thing to do in case the man was armed or something. But can a woman beat up a man?? Answered Jul 9, In the competitive sport of professional boxing, there are two types of fighters: The brawler is the fighter who throws massive hooks and uppercuts and aims to win through sheer brute strength. The boxer, on the other hand, is more calculated in his or in your case, her punches, uses jabs to distract and create openings and uses his feet to evade punches.

The referee starts the match. A foot instantly connects with my nose. I start crying and bleeding. My confidence quickly melts away. The ref stops the fight and reprimands the girl.

I also mentally reprimand her for being a butt-face. I unsuccessfully attempt to gather my shit. A kick to the nose is highly illegal and hurts like a bitch. Between sniffles, I ready myself for the match to start again. It does, and I am met once again with a swift kick to the nose.

The ref stops the match again. I continue to cry. My coach shouts words of encouragement from the sideline. They fall upon deaf ears: I am already a broken man inside.

The match starts once more. I am irrationally afraid, the pain of two kicks to the nose making me forget whatever modicum of martial-arts prowess I currently possess. Between tears, I squeamishly dance around the ring, trying to avoid any contact with my opponent. My mind begins screaming: I make a pathetic attempt at kicking her, which visually was similar to a wimpy dog poking a hermit crab and then jumping the fuck away when it twitches menacingly. This goes on for several seconds until she kicks me in the nose again.

I curl into a ball and am inconsolable. This whole experience taught me some things. It was odd that I even thought that way in the first place:

Kid gets beat up by a girl!!

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