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Boat hatch air conditioner for sale. Cruisair Dometic’s Description

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Boat Air Conditioner Refine Results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. Cooling Capacity Btu Heating Capacity Btu Sapphire Digital Display Head. Hi-static 6 Speed Motorized Impeller Blow Automatic heat - cool changeover. Commonly used on Four Winns Boats, part number

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This feature prevents the vibration from the boat engine to be This air conditioning unit features a small footprint, quiet rotary compressor, and a low amper The rust-resistant molded composite drain pan has three drains for the rapid removal of condensate water.

We're your port for thousands of hard to find boat parts, original manufacturer's parts and ma I am selling a Dometic compact air conditioner, part number It is gently used in great working condition with some blemishes including a bent pipe shown in pictures , and it does come as Commonly used on Carver Yachts, part number The SeaMach reverse cycle air conditioner has both a heating and cooling mode of operat We're your port for thousands of hard to find boat parts, original manufacturer's parts and marine surplus.

Check out this deal! Vector Compact units are designed for installation under a settee or berth, in a locker or cabinet, or other convenient location.

We're your port for thousands of hard to find boat parts, original manufacturer's parts Unit is constructed of marine grade stainless steel chassis, cupro-nickel self-draining coil with copper shell, copper-tinned wires on electrical components. Unit has circuit b Fan Coils also available for any size unit. Unit has circuit breaker protection, high-pressure indicator light to alert if water circulation is Commonly used on Sea Ray boats, part number , but may be used on other boats.

This air conditioning condensing unit features reversing valve, pressure switches, and service ports that are locat Maybe used on other boats. Do you have any pics you could send me on how you did this? We went through the same ordeal several months ago…also in Ft Myers.

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It would only drop the temp to 78 degrees after a full nights running….. Just to see what was possible, I set the thermostat to 65 degrees and left the boat for 8 hours. Upon my return during the day…90 degrees the boat was a frigid 65 degrees.

I adjusted the thermostat to 70 degrees and the boat has been dead-on 70 degrees all summer. After discussing with other folks at the Yacht Basin, all have had a similar experience. Just my 2 cents! Might have inspired us to figure out how to make it work with our hatches. I too am experiencing the same issue with a stand alone airconditioning unit.

My problem is the amount of condensation that the machine puts out from its drain. I must dump a 5 gallon pail at least three times a day with this stand alone portable unit! Way too much if you ask me. I lived aboard my sailboat and found that a window unit, aside from its awkward placement on my fwd hatch, had much better coolling abilities.

Not to mention, the condensation was always OUTside of the boat where it belongs! Therefore, I am considering on the idea of returning my portable unit as well to swap it out for a window unit. Living on a small boat for even a weekend in the summer is going to be warm. For small boats a carry on air conditioner that fits over your cabins deck hatch can make life much easier. The unit runs off normal dock marina shore power.

Boat hatch air conditioner for sale Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about POMPANETTE Thru-Hatch Portable Air Conditioner at the official West Marine online store. Since , West Marine has grown to over local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! Air conditioning in a cruiser class boat is a very popular option. You not only get the convenience of air on board, but it is one option that tends to retain its resale value over the life of the boat.
The hatch needs to be larger than 12 by 12 inches for the unit to fit. Its ideal for boats that are too small for installed seawater-cooled air conditioning systems. It installs in minutes and it pumps out BTUs of cool, dry relief. Not many places to install a window unit on my Egg Harbor, with the exception of the main and V-Berth roof hatches.

After reading the comments from those here, I think that the window units are a better deal, except for figuring out how to place them. In the companionway or at a hatch with an insulated hood? We used a portable 14k dual hose portable unit last summer with results similar to yours, We were considering switching to something like this:.

We plan to upgrade to this one for two reasons. The intake and venting outside makes it so we are not creating a vacume inside the boat.

If you only vent out then you are sucking hot air in from other places taking away a lot of your cooling power. Yes, but we are sucking in hot air into the compressor that then cools in and only cool air is going into the boat. If you only vent then you are sucking hot air into the far reaches of the boat so the Master cabin for example will be hard to cool.

I am actually posting this with interest in other opinions, I am not an engineer. Interesting as we were told that cooling the hot outside air was harder work for the compressor and thus the interior temp would be higher. There was just an interesting comment left on the post from someone who tried the portable and switched to a window unit with much better results.

I had the very same experience. I tried the portable unit standing unit and it would only make it a bit more comfortable.

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Boat hatch air conditioner for sale I live in Tampa, Florida and its running 95 to a hundred here every day too. I think it would be worth a try on using a second vent for the intake if it is possible to rig something. This is why the same Btu window units are performing better, and why the cooled air has to be directed toward you. Before giving up on it, I would try to add some kind of intake duct. Worst that can happen?

Tripping off as when the filter is clogged? A test might be just to check the temperature at the output as it is installed. Then set it outside in the shade so it it bringing in hot air. Check the temperate at the output and see if it fails. For boats, I was more interested in eliminating the vacuum effect that pulls hot air in all the cracks around the boat. We all know boats are not air tight LOL. Hard enough to try and make them water tight.

Pondering a portable AC unit for my houseboat. Great topic , I have issues with a portable ac units. Window units are better if you have the situation to install it. They do sell online a flexible insulated hose cover. This seems to help as the hose acts like a radiator for heat and competes with the ac unit.

In terms of powering the AC do you use an outlet in the boat or run an extension cord to shore power? An extension cord should not be used with an appliance i.

The boat is plugged in using our shore power receptacle, which has a very heavy duty cord. Then we plug the AC into a receptacle on board. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Read Here No Oven? Okay, on to how we set the AC unit up. The final question is how well does it work? We give the AC what help we can:

Back up air conditioning for your boat

Boat hatch air conditioner for sale Read that post here. Designed for a house, portables sit on the floor and have a duct very similar to a dryer vent that goes to a nearby window. Instead of the condensate going to a drain, it is used to cool the motor, which heats it and the moisture also goes out via the duct. Unlike a window unit, the entire AC is inside, and the duct allows the hot air to vent outside. First off — we have shore power. A few weeks ago, I wrote about why we felt the need to temporarily put an air conditioner on Barefoot Gal while we were in the boatyard this summer. We have no intention of ever using it without shore power. Boat Air Conditioner | eBay