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best electric razor for body grooming


  1. 9 Best Body Groomers of 2018
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Body Hair Trimmers - AskMen. Some men think body hair is a sign of masculinity. With excellent battery life and best to trim hair to the skin without cuts, and also trim chest hair to several different lengths, the Bodygroom exudes categorical excellence.

And for those who need back hair removed, the Mangroomer will do the job, allowing you reach to trim the hair without having to awkwardly ask a friend or significant other to assist you.

9 Best Body Groomers of 2018

A two-sided trimmer with great battery life and several use cases, the Bodygroom is our top pick.

We first analyzed around 50 different options based on reviews on Amazon and other articles we read. We looked for units capable of precision, electric lacking extreme sharpness — the ability to cut everything you need to various levels, but not cause pain while doing it. Or the battery life was substandard — if razor forget to plug in these trimmers, which many of for will, they can spurt out to zero at the worst possible times.

In final, we wanted to test units across a representative sample of use cases. Many of these trimmers technically fit grooming the body hair trimming body, but also double as face shavers or trimmers. One of the first things we looked at with these units was blade sharpness.

Turn that face fuzz into a magnificent mane with the ten best beard trimmers from the four corners of the internet, and bring our arsenal of tips and tricks along for the ride. Back when I had a three-year beard, this was still my go-to. Philips is one of those household names that best with an attached promise of quality construction, and a fair price. This beard trimmer body with an ultra long battery life one to two months razor average if used twice per week. Apart from being long-lasting, this comes with all the necessary attachmentsfrom a precision beard trimmer head to a nose hair trimmer. Consider this your all-in-one facial hair grooming kit. As a beard trimmer and swap-out to your electric razor for that three-day growth for, Philips Norelco delivers a high level of performance. This kit comes with some super nice features, including a protective head that allows you to trap hairs which is a serious bonus if your partner is sick of you leaving trimmings in the sink. From the nose hair trimmer which is seriously on pointto the rounded facial hair buzzer, you have everything grooming need right in this electric. You get over an hour of use with a small four-hour charge window.

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Fully rechargeable, lightweight and built to last. The ProGlide is completely waterproof, has 3 combs to achieve differing lengths in different areas and an aggressive, ribbed style that actually does wonders in helping you maintain a solid grip in the shower. Great for fast touch-ups or achieving a complete look.

Body Hair Trimmers

Be sure to also check out our list of the best hair removal cream for more great items like this.

The PG has 3 beard combs, a full sized trimmer, a trimmer for your nose, ears and details and a hair clipper comb. OneBlade is not designed to shave you clean as a whistle. There are 2 groomer heads: Much lighter than it looks. Fortunately the performance of the BG lives up to its own looks by providing clean, close shaves, 50 minutes of run time, a variety of heads to produce different length effects and an extension that allows you to reach those hard to access areas in the center of the back.

One of the best body groomers out there, for sure. This is a great tool for on-the-go touch ups and every guy that works in a professional environment should have one of these in their desk, just in case. The skin protectors do their job, the two-way trimmer produces crisp clean results, the rig is showerproof and the whole thing costs less than a large pizza.

This is a beautifully balanced tool that allows you to effortlessly switch from shaving to trimming and back again without skipping a beat. Below is the right way. Today, however, there are dozens of different devices on the market designed specifically to tackle back, leg, arm, and chest hair. As well as hair in places your dad probably never thought needed grooming. The BG is designed specifically for men and completely safe to use in the shower. The 5 length settings allow you to achieve exactly the effect you want in any given area while the trimmer provides the finishing touches with nary a nick or scratch.

Best electric razor for body grooming Oct 9, - The goal of most body groomers is to help you shave your body hair, either with a foil shaver (like on an electric shaver/razor) or with a blade. Oct 22, - The 4 Best Body Groomers (Body Hair Trimmers) Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 Body Groomer With Beard Trimmer. Remington PG Lithium Body Groomer. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver.
Fully rechargeable, lightweight and built to last. The obverse of shaving your face with your body groomer is shaving your body with your standard facial razor. Can you do it? Not if you want satisfying results and not if you want to finish in less than a couple of hours. Body groomers are designed to handle large areas in short order and can have you on your way in a half hour or less.

Using your standard razor will likely drag out the experience to 1 or 2 hours or more and produce less satisfying results. But the choice is yours. For the most part the heads on the groomers are designed for the large, mostly flat areas of the torso and not the many and various nuances of the face. Also, do you really want to use the same tool you just shaved your butt with to shave your face? A better idea is to stick with the smaller, more agile shavers designed for the face and leave the back and butt shaving to the back and butt body groomers.

Seriously, what are you? However, although the Babyliss Super Groomer lives up to its name, and feels like it would be better for really hairy chaps than its Philips rivals, the more utilitarian design and the fact it can't be used in the shower do count against it.

Designed to maintain a close shave on all areas of the body, this excellent unit from Braun features a mechanised trimming element for removing longer hairs and a traditional Gillette blade for properly close shaves. The trimming element features smaller teeth than a beard trimmer, which work to minimise any nicks and cuts in delicate areas.

Three trimming combs allow you to choose the exact length of your body hair: Two rechargeable batteries are included and offer around 50 minutes of shave time but a full charge takes around 14 hours, which is a bit sluggish even compared to the Philips.

You can't fault Braun for versatility with this one. There are a number of guards for different facial hair lengths, a neat body groomer similar to the one found on Philips BG Series and even nasal and ear hair trimmers. It's a decent spread but the shaving experience can be varied, with some of the attachments proving a little painful.


Best electric razor for body grooming I found the guards didn't cut short enough, or took things too far if removed, while the nasal trimmer caused a fair amount of eye watering, thanks to some nasty snagging.

Some of these attachments also feel a bit cheap and flimsy, while I can see the shaving experience getting worse as time goes on and things start to seize up. The name says it all really; this is a groomer that has been designed with below-the-belt shaving sessions in mind. As a result, Remington has thrown in some 'comfort tip' stainless steel blades, which have been rounded to avoid any nasty mistakes.

The three fixed combs offer a choice of length options from 2 mm, 4 mm and 6mm, making it even easier to trim body hair to your preferred length. It is waterproof and the powerful Lithium Ion battery pack is good for around minutes of shave time. Personally, I would not entrust my downstairs to a bladed device that costs about 20 quid, but it's a free country…. Whether you want ultra sharp lines in the beard or an all-over smoothness that leaves you as slippery as Lewis Hamilton's Formula 1 car, this in-1 system has got you covered.

With five interchangeable cutting head attachments and separate comb guides, it can rid pretty much any body part of fur. Users are urged to begin with a standard precision trimmer and then fine-tune the groom with a detail trimmer, foil shaver or even the dedicated nose hair attachment: Titanium blades ensure longevity, while a variety of combs deal with different hair lengths and can even take care of the arty moustache or perfectly sculptured, Craig David imitation beard.

Unfortunately, the unit isn't completely waterproof, so it isn't advised to take it into a running shower, while a full charge takes a lengthy 16 hours.

The unique rotating head of this Wahl groomer makes accessing those hard-to-reach places, with the shaver doing all of the contorting rather than an embarrassingly naked you. Designed for dry use only, this groomer comes with two blades for differing hair length. A wider head takes care of the longer fleece, while a precision blade can be swapped in to get things really smooth.

Arguably not as versatile as some of the other units on this list, but it's a solid performer that can be charged in 12 hours for 60 solid minutes of shaving time. Panasonic's offering is one of the sturdiest here and feels nice and weighty in the hand, which inspires confidence when tackling tricky head hair or trimming that beard to perfection. Unfortunately, the small, guard-less body attachment, which neatly flips up above the main trimming head via a slider, is too aggressive to tackle sensitive areas.

Armpits, back and chest aren't too bad but anywhere further south is risky. That said, the 45 degree angled blade does a great job on facial hair and this was one of the only trimmers to truly clip hair to the desired length with one pass, cutting down shaving time dramatically.

There is also a good amount of adjustability here, with a twist barrel selector switch, combined with the provided plastic guards, making it easy to cut to the desired length. In summary, it's a top trimmer for stubborn facial hair and even DIY hairdressing but definitely not the best at tackling the more sensitive regions.

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These eye creams can help. An Apple MacBook Air that's far more wallet-friendly? T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. England and Wales company registration number Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. What is the best body shaver for men? How to buy the best body groomer for men This really depends on how seriously you take your grooming regime, as a cheap electric shaver will likely be up to the task in the first few weeks but could suffer from dull blades and irritatingly short battery life after some serious use.

The best body groomers for men, in order 1.

MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO Body Groomer and Trimmer with...

9 Best Body Groomers for Men in [Buying Guide] Gear Hungry We have Australia's best online selection of Body Groomers products from a wide range of brands - Shop now Shaver Shop. Best electric razor for body grooming